2012 Pinarellow ROKH carbon fiber road bike in movistar team colors

We just got some lo-res sales sheets leaked our way courtesy of Queen City Bicycles in Charlotte (Thanks, Bart!) on the 2012 Pinarello ROKH carbon fiber road bikes. Priced at $3,600 to $4,100 complete, it’s a “balance between performance and value” that claims to be a full on race-ready machine. Word is the frame is a blend of the Quattro’s race worthiness and the KOBH’s relaxed geometry and slightly longer chainstays, likely making it a great bike for long days in the saddle that’ll handle a crit or two when necessary.

The frames get Pinarello’s 12K carbon and shapely ONDA forks and use the asymmetric frame designs from their higher end race machines. The Movistar Team Replica paint scheme above will be one paint option, two more with component specs after the break…

2012 Pinarello ROKH carbon fiber road bikes with SRAM Force or Shimano Ultegra

Two kits will be offered: SRAM Force ($3,599) with Rival cranks and Fulcrum 5 wheels, and Shimano Ultegra ($4,099) with Fulcrum 5 wheels. They should be hitting shops very soon.

Italian purists will scoff at the lack of a Campagnolo equipped option for the U.S., but, well, seems lower-mid-level Campy groups just don’t sell all that well.


  1. Ah, the ol’ “asymmetric” frame: the idea that Pinarello claims they implemented before anyone else, a claim which is certainly true so long as you don’t know the definition of asymmetric and so long as you don’t consider frames from other manufacturers.

    The ugliness of Pina’s warped fork is only out done by De Rosa’s vomit inducing Tango.

  2. Why is there always so much criticism in these threads/ comments? It’s a pretty simple philosophy, if you don’t have something to say that’s not going to cause some sort of upset then just don’t say.

    My 2 cents.

  3. Why is that there’s always some bitter —– like Robin crying on every post… If you don’t like Pinarello’s, shut —— up and don’t ride one. There’s actually very sound scientific logic behind that ‘warped’ fork and, as someone who understands both the definition of ‘asymmetric’ and how Pinarello uses it in their frames, yes they were the first to do it.

    Now go back to riding your schwinn and making motorbike noises…

  4. I agree with Leroy and Jim. True cyclist enjoy cycling, not Hating on it. @mjw12867 Everything is made in Asia. Those folk are good at it. I am sorry but even pros are rolling on Asian bike. If you want tru hand build you best be riding Steel still. Look at a Kirk, Pegoretti, or Steelman. First and foremost don’t be one of the millions of people pedaling blocks on a Pin Dogma. It tends to make me giggle.

  5. I’m with Tnerb. I love bikes, some more than others. So far, I haven’t found a bike company that does anything I would find worth attacking. The more, the merrier and I don’t care where they are “made” each company seems to have their own distinctive style. Something for everyone.

  6. Hey, I ride a Schwinn (2001 Factory)!

    Of course, I also own and ride a Pinarello 🙂

    (there are some grumpy folk here, eh? Too much time on their hands. Ride more. Speak less.)

  7. Sorry for the late post, I just found this site.

    Now, people who don’t know what, “Asymmetry” is or what it does, should not comment on it.
    Also, for those that don’t understand why Pinarellos cost what they do, please buy something else. Pinarello owners are not stuffy, we just understand quality built bikes and are willing to pay for them. And they make some of the nicest looking frames, and the forks are awesome looking.

    As for the Asian quality – Do you not think Pina has some of their reps there overseeing the manufacturing? I’m sure all of the high end bike companies do. It’s just way cheaper to build the frames there.

    Leroy, does Robin deserve a Schwinn? I’m thinking he’s a Huffy rider myself and has training wheels too.

    Ride on people!!!

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