While visiting fellow Bikerumor writer Nick, we stopped in Portland’s West End Bikes, a fairly new shop that’s a Specialized Concept Store. Just as we were about to roll out, Joe asked if we’d seen “the coffee bike.”

Why no, we hadn’t.

But we’re really glad he asked. Jump on past the break to see this one-off, totally trick Globe Roll SE with stealth Dura-Ace Di2 electronic rear shifting…


The obvious custom feature is the coffee cup ready basket with Globe logo etched in the central wood panel. Paul Components levers and brakes with Nitto bar and stem give it a nice classic look. But wait, shouldn’t this thing have a rear shifter?


The normally singlespeed frame has a cassette shoved in there and an electrical derailleur with mostly hidden wiring.


The shift buttons were integrated into the grip’s lock-on collar, and the wiring run into the handlebar and out through the center between the clamp section.


That’s about as stealth as you can get until they make an app for that.

Actually, this might be more stealth:

That’s the battery charging port. The battery is custom and housed in the seatpost.


Oh, and we also saw this new colorway for the Crux Cyclocross bike hanging in the window. Sing along now: How much is that gaudy in the window…

Just kidding. Nick totally digs it.


  1. Your bike is beautiful ! Would you mind sharing with me the type of switches you used for the shifter buttons? I am playing with installing Di2 on a Dahon folding bike now, and I am looking for super clean buttons for a “flatbar” setup. Thanks in advance..

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