2012 Easton EA90RT road tubeless wheelset with wide rim perfect for cyclocross

Easton’s just debuted their entry to the Road Tubeless market, and it’ll make a perfect cyclocross wheelset.

The 2012 Easton EA90RT has an entirely new rim, and it’s wide! Internal rim width is 17.5mm with a solid rim bed, so no rim tape necessary. Uses the same double threaded nipple/dueler that they use on their mountain bike wheels.

The rim width is 15mm inside on their standard EA90SLX wheels, and brand manager Dain Zaffke says that adds 12% volume moving a 23c tire from the SLX to the RT. He mentioned that to illustrate that even if you never run it tubeless it would still offer a smoother ride.

1550g claimed for $850. Available by end if August, just in time for cyclocross. Hint, hint – the wider rim should provide some great tire profiles. It has the same hubs as the EA90SL wheels, which come in at 1530g. More pics after the break…

2012 Easton EA90RT road tubeless wheelset with wide rim perfect for cyclocross

2012 Easton EA90RT road tubeless wheelset with wide rim perfect for cyclocross


  1. happy to see more competition in the tubeless road rim category… now if only we could get more tire manufacturers in the game, we could actually sell them. ($100 for a single hutchinson??? that’s a hard sell. their tread doesn’t last 6 months on s**ty new england roads.)

  2. I am digging my Stan’s Notubes Alpha Cross Wheel Set (single speed-disc model). Been riding them for a little over a year with great success on a number of different cross courses (Cross Vegas, IronHill) as well as the more adventure rides (IronCross, and this past weekend the Wilderness101). Setting them up tubeless was a snap, with both the Hutchinson Bulldogs and Stan’s Raven tires. I switch back and forth as needed. The Ravens are small and fast great for on the road/packed dirt. The Bulldogs offer bigger air volume and grip, not as fast until the centers get worn down a bit. The Stan’s wheels (32 holes) have been really solid. Highly Recommend Tubeless Cross.

  3. Nice shot of the double threaded nipple.

    How about listing the front and rear spoke count, so that we can make an estimation of durability?

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