Reynolds R2 carbon fiber clincher and tubular road wheels bring full carbon rims down to 1000 dollars

Want the lightweight and responsive ride of carbon fiber rims but don’t wanna shell out a year’s worth of your cycling allowance?

Reynold’s new R2 road wheels offer both a clincher and tubular 32mm deep rim in full carbon for just $1,000 per set. They’re’ built with the same hub as their Solitude wheels but in Silver. R2 tubulars are 1142g, clinchers are 1486g. They use traditional J-bend spokes, so repairs should be fairly economical, too. What do you give up for this price? Looks like the rims miss out on their CTg brake track that helps reduce temperature build up, but they still come with their CryoBlue brake pads. They’re aimed at enthusiast riders that want an upgrade in the ballpark price of high end alloy wheels.

Hit more for a closeup of the clincher rim and a pic of the now-available deeper RZR92, which claims to be the fastest wheel ever tested…

Reynolds Cycling debuts R2 carbon clincher and tubular wheelsets for 1000 dollars

Reynolds RZR92 is super deep and claims to be the fastest wheel ever tested

The RZR92 made its preproduction debut at Interbike last year, and now it’s finally avaiable. Reynolds says the wheel has tested faster than any other wheel. During a 40K TT at giving a 22.8 second advantage over a competitor using 81mm front/disc rear wheels and a whopping 41.0 seconds over the poor schmuck using 81mm front/rear wheels. How fast you need to be going to realized these gains? Faster than you or I probably ride. They’re designed with time trials and triathletes in mind.


  1. Isn’t this just the original Attack rim? I owned the original Attack and although I knew I was buying an experiment (1st gen low cost carbon clincher), I was disappointed that the rear freehub hub did not work (before the first ride!), a rear spoke broke (sheered just above the nipple which indicates stress at that point because the nipple/drilling doesn’t align the spoke to the hub), and lastly, despite Yellow King pads, the rims screeched so much I sold them. Despite all of this, the wheels rode well and I definitely believe in carbon rims. That said, I would rather have alu wheels over this rim if it is the same as the original Attack rim!

  2. To Pete’s questions – Yes, crossable. I ordered a pair of the clinchers and tubulars. The tubulars have held up admirably with a pair of Dugast Rhinos glued to them in some pretty nasty conditions. Cat2 CX, about 170lbs kitted and I don’t break many parts. I hope that means I’m a smooth, smart rider.

  3. Just picked up a pair of the R2 clinchers as an experiment… Couldn’t pass on the ~ $700 deal I got from a shop in Escondido. The experiment, setting them up as road tubeless and running them at around 90-95 PSI. I’m running Hutchinson Fusion 3 tubeless on them.

    I weigh about 215lbs and am usually rather hard on wheels.

    Initial impressions after a couple hundred miles: one of the smoothest wheels I’ve ridden, both from a compliance and a handling standpoint. Compared to the set I was running just before (Custom alloys, Stans A 340 front, HED C2 rear, CK R45 hubs, 32/32 Sapim CX-Rays, same tires) the R2s (run tubeless) were noticeably smoother, accelerate maybe slightly better, hold speed a bit better, climb about the same, handle turns noticeably better, and definitely hold air better and are easier to set up and inflate.

    For anyone who’s run tubeless before you know inflating can be difficult at times and the tires can lose a bit of air over 1 or more days the bike is not ridden. That’s not the case on the R2s so far. I pump them up to 95 PSI and a week later they are still at 95 PSI. I’ll come back and report my opinion of them after a couple thousand miles.

  4. One thing to add, braking so far on these rims is very good… Although I haven’t done a huge climbing day on them, I did a 50 miler with about 2,500 feet of climbing. I won’t be able to tell how good until I have a few thousand miles and see how they hold up, but so far the braking surface along with the cryo-blue pads you get work more than fine. Caveat, I AM a smart rider as far as descending goes. 😉 Hope this helps. My opinion, so far they’re more than worth the price tag.

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