2012 Diamondback Dixon 140mm 29er freeride hardtail mountain bike

Diamondback’s new Dixon all-mountain 29er hardtail was created because, as they put it, someone needed to do it.

Among our friends that ride such things, it seems there’s quite a bit of excitement for it despite currently being billed as a 2013 product. More likely, it’ll come around in rideable form for demos at Sea Otter Classic next year. What you’re seeing here is a prototype

It has a 66.5° head angle with a 140mm travel Fox 34 TALAS fork that’ll drop to 110mm for climbing. The 6061 alloy frame comes with direct mount front derailleur tabs and ISCG05 tabs, so you can run it geared or single.

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2012 Diamondback Dixon 140mm 29er freeride hardtail mountain bike

Not sure if the Dixon name will stick when this bike makes it to production since Devinci currently has a model by that name.

2012 Diamondback Dixon 140mm 29er freeride hardtail mountain bike

There’s no idea on pricing yet for the Dixon.

The Sortie 29er is in full production with four models from a Deore build up to XTR. Design is based on the 26″ model and aimed at the XC / Trail crowd. Top of the line Black XTR model is about $6,500 with a full Easton cockpit and wheels. All but the base model (Sortie 1) gets a 142×12 rear axle.

They use the Knuckle Box four bar suspension design with oversized Enduro Max bearings. all main pivots are serviceable from the non drive side. The design keeps the COG low. We weighed a preproduction Sortie 29er here.

2012 Diamondback mountain bike framesets

The Sortie Black, along with the Scapegoat, Mission Pro and 4X bikes will be available as a frameset that’ll include all cable routing hardware and rear 142×12 hubs. They also include headsets seatposts, which is a Reverb on the Mission Pro.

2012 Diamondback Overdrive 29er hardtail mountain bike starting at just 500 dollars

Overdrive line was introduced as a 29er all the way back in mid 90’s and was a bit early for the big wheel explosion. Brings a front suspension 29er bike in at just $550 up to $1750. They sold out of them by April this year.


2012 Diamondback Podium7 lightweight road bike with campagnolo record 11

Diamondback’s 2012 Podium 7 road bike is a new carbon frame developed with Alumni Design in Canada. They wanted to do something that was completely race ready. It uses their AMMP carbon monocoque construction method with silicone mandrel shells that keep the inside smooth to build a stronger frame. It’s their Carbon SL frame and is 100g lighter than the next level down.

2012 Diamondback Podium7 lightweight road bike with campagnolo record 11

Fork uses continuous fiber strands from the dropouts to the top of the steerer tube. S-Bend seatstays are shaped to give a little road compliance.

2012 Diamondback Podium7 lightweight road bike with campagnolo record 11

The triangular downtube leads to a decently sized PFBB30 bottom bracket and thick chainstays. What was most surprising about the build was the inclusion of Campagnolo’s Super Record 11 group. Easton’s wheels and cockpit parts are a common sight across DB’s lineup.



  1. “Because someone had to”- Kona debuted theirs first…… als check your facts on the Overdrive. In its current form started in ’08

  2. “Freeride hardtail” makes me think of the days of Monster T’s on hardtail frames. Can’t we put those days behind us? Who really needs 140mm in the front and nothing in the back?

  3. Also – in regards to the overdrive, the current Overdrive may have debuted in 08 but if you look back through their history, you’ll see that they did indeed have an overdrive as well back in the 90’s with a custom Panaracer Smoke front tire in a 700c size – but whatever… everyone’s already an expert, right?

  4. Does anyone check the facts on these posts? 140mm freeride hardtail – already done by Banshee and by Canfield brothers. How can you claim novelty on a HARDTAIL at this stage in the game? Every combination of geometry has been done and claiming it’s new, means it’s new to you.

  5. All, yep, Overdrive is in fact a newer refresh of what was one of (if not the) first 29er mountain bike around that did indeed have custom Panaracer Smoke tires. I had that buried in my notes but it didn’t make the cut off before getting on a plane home from Vegas. I’m updating the post to add my notes in quotes.

    And yep, other people have done a long travel 29er hardtail…we’re just sharing what Diamondback shared with us.

  6. Has anybody done some riding on the Sortie 26inch line? How do they ride? How does that slightly longer chainstay feel? Thinking of getting a 2012 Sortie 3 but can’t find any in my area to check out. Any thoughts on the bike and DB’s quality is appreciated. Thanks

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