firefly custom titanium cyclocross bike with ENVE stem from Crema Cycles

You may recall the startup Firefly brand founded by ex-Independent Fabrications folks. Their European importer (or at least a great shop that sells their wares), Crema Cycles, had a custom cyclocross bike with trick ENVE stem displayed in their booth.

Right behind it was their own brand steel disc brake ‘cross racer, and in front were some sweet custom jerseys from Biciclista. All that, and more, right through here…

firefly custom titanium cyclocross bike with ENVE stem from Crema Cycles

The ENVE stem was customized to act as the brake cable stop by running the hose into the front and the cable out the bottom.

Crema Cycles handmade steel cyclocross bike with disc brakes

Crema Cycles’ own bike is a handmade steel cyclocross racer with disc brakes running the 3T Luteus carbon disc fork.

biciclista custom italian cycling jerseys

Proudly sharing the booth with them was Biciclista, an Italian cycling clothing brand that does short run custom prints. The designs above and below can be done in quantities as little as one (assuming you’ll pay for it), with as many colors as necessary since their printed digitally.

biciclista custom italian cycling jerseys

This one was for an event and had each rider’s first name printed on the back of the collar with the climbs listed to check off on the center pocket. His show flyer had this 10% code, good through Oct 31, 2011: EB11

biciclista custom italian cycling jerseys

Orange Bikes 29er mountain bike

We heard some buzz about Orange having some new bikes, so here are our educated guesses as we ran by the booth: 29er hardtail mountain bike (above) and carbon road bike (below). Love the graphics on the road bike…just fun stuff.

Orange Bikes carbon road bicycle

Thule roof rack with sliding cross bars for Europe

We gave Karl from Thule USA a bit of grief for not offering these items in the states, but he said the roof rack above, which slides off to the side (even further than I was willing to pull it here) to make loading easier, is quite heavy and uses up more than half the recommended max load most auto manufacturers put on their vehicles. It’s still pretty slick, though, and it slid easily even with these three bikes on it. Load up two or three DH rigs, though…

Thule hitch mount bicycle rack with folding tray for easy access to trunk boot

Their hitch-mount tray rack, though, was pure genius. It flips back to allow unfettered access to the boot. This one should definitely come across the pond.

To see the new items Thule does have on tap for the U.S., check our Interbike coverage here.


  1. Hector on

    (“Crema” is actually the term used for the foam on top, not the espresso)
    I met Ken at a MTB TT, very down to earth and friendly. He also supports a few local races. Anyone who’s seen one of those bikes in person will tell you they’re solid. I didn’t get to actually ride one because the owner and his wife are both 4 feet taller than me, but I found it interesting that they wanted to let me try. I haven’t been to many booths where the owner lets you try his display bikes.
    What’s not to like about custom steel/Ti frames from a guy who cares about customers?

  2. The Dude on

    I am aware of what Crema is. My point is, I want my bike companies to make bikes, and my coffee companies to make coffee. Folger’s doesn’t make hubs, Chris King shouldn’t make tampers:

    When I call King for availability and they say everything is out two months minimum for a matching hubset, then ask if they have tampers and all sizes and colors are in stock, someone is not understanding their own business model. I am sad when companies grab names from trendy things like coffee. Still way better than the Gnargoyle days of old and speed heavy metal emblems on headtubes, so I will give you the nod there.

  3. Robin on

    Also, bikes shouldn’t be named after royal positions, numbers, mountains, things that aren’t in Webster’s Dictionary, cities, countries, deities, roads, clouds, the sky, stars, planets, proper nouns, leafy vegetables, tubers, tools, recipes, marsupials, characters from Peter Jackson movies, santorum, pachyderms, over the counter skin treatment creams, sex acts, bands (both rubber and musical), particles which have solutions to the Schroedinger Wave Equation (both time dependent and time independent versions, as well as relativistic and non-relativistic versions), colors of light, computer input devices, short stories, types of tea, social disorders, skin eruptions, cartoon characters, companies, famous kerfuffles, positions from the Kama Sutra, oceans, dead cyclists, live cyclists, transient cycles, songs, things that begin with the “ph” diphthong, Native American tribes, perennials, any exudate, SNL characters, websites, superheroes, things that have positive buoyancy, energy transport mechanisms, breath mints, and anything you might find at Deepak Chopra’s garage sale.

  4. Tyler on

    It’s Independent Fabrication, not Fabrications. And Firefly is turning out some beautiful frames, wait till they get their MTB frame out.

  5. PNW Rider on

    In response to the dude. Have you ever considered that bicycle culture goes hand in hand with things like coffee and beer? Perhaps you should write a letter to New Belgium telling them to change their business model because they are selling beer not bikes? In short “Dude” these companies are not being trendy they are catering to their customers interests, which sounds like good marketing to me.


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