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After seeing what we thought was the final production version of Craig Edwards’ new eeCranks on one of Fair Wheel Bikes’ builds at Interbike, we followed up with the man behind Sweetwings’ comeback to get the scoop. Turns out they’re still a bit of a work in progress, but close. Very close. Here’s our Q&A:

BIKERUMOR: What spindle/BB options will you offer?
CRAIG: Currently there is only one spindle. It varies in diameter from 35mm to slightly larger than 30mm. The eecrank uses 35mm ID bearings. It will be for English BB for sure and probably BB30 and PF30. I am currently testing my versions of these BBs. In the future, I hope to have a crank design specific to the larger shell diameter BB standards.

BIKERUMOR: What’s the final weight with rings and BB and everything?
CRAIG: Currently w/ compact rings it’s about 615grams – Fair Wheel had 613. W/ standard rings about 640grams – Fair Wheel had 637 I think.

BIKERUMOR: What’s the BCD and ring options?
CRAIG: I use my own spider/BCD/ring design. It allows the use of all road rings on the same spider w/o disadvantange of mounting the large ring to a 110 BCD. I use a 110 small ring BCD and 170mm large ring BCD. I can even fit Cross rings (36/48) using this BCD. I will offer compact and standard to start. I hope to follow with Cross and 52/36 ring sets.

BIKERUMOR: How long does it take to create/machine/forge each set?
CRAIG: Way too long. I will tell you when I get through the 1st production run:)

BIKERUMOR: What’s pricing and availability?
CRAIG: I am doing the final tuning now and many parts of the 1st production run are done. As you probably know I have more than my share of trouble getting manufacturing done. Lots of flakes. I hope to have it out early next year, but given my track record, that means nothing.

Pricing is still not nailed down yet as I don’t have prices on a few big pieces yet.


  1. dan t. on

    I used to ride with Craig over a decade ago when he was making Sweet Wings and got to try out a set for a while. Even in those relatively primitive days of English- and Italian-threaded BBs, the Wings were fantastic! Noticeably stiffer, lighter, and much more responsive than the Shimano and Campy options of the day. And one thing that often gets overlooked: the BB itself was so smooth and felt like it engaged instantly. So I’m looking forward to see how the modern products come out. (Saving pennies… .)

  2. Steve M on

    Nice to see a metal crank. Also interesting to see some real honest comments on trying to get things manufactured (I assume in the US).

  3. Ken B on

    Any chance to get my$250 deposit that I lost when Sweet Wings went under applied to a set of these? If anyone is thinking about putting a deposit down on these, I would advise against.

  4. Robin on

    The cranks are made by EE/Craig in their own facility.

    @Ken B: if you have an issue, call EE. Otherwise your experience is not the experience of everyone that has dealt with EE, and it’s highly unlikely that you know anything or contribute anything substantive to a discussion about EE.

  5. greg on

    i’ve owned two different sets of sweet wings. loved em. wish i still had em, even though i have no threaded bike to put em on.
    i’m impatiently waiting for these new cranks. if theyre half as good as his brakes, they will crush everything out there.


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