prototype 12-speed road shifters and derailleurs and 11-speed mountain bike group from KCNC

One of our regular spies just popped over a screen grab of future KCNC shifter and derailleur groups.

The PDF is showing 12-speed road shifter/brake lever and both front and rear derailleurs. For mountain bikes, it’s listing an 11-speed trigger shifter and both derailleurs. The derailleurs

We talked with Jason at Fair Wheel Bikes, a shop that’s in pretty tight with the brand, about the group and he said that both systems are entirely new for KCNC. While word floating around the forums is that this is a 2012 group, Jason said it’s likely to be in development for quite a while and, if it makes it to production, would be billed as a 2013 product.

The next obvious question is what will these work with? KCNC already does an 11-speed mountain bike cassette, and adding a cog to current 10-speed groups could ease the transitions between gears on their 11-38 monster we snapped photos of at Interbike, and Jason says they’ll be making their own 12-speed cassette, chain and chainrings to mate with these parts. He also said it’s likely the form factor will change significantly. These are showing some pretty unique designs that could just be early prototypes.


  1. so im guessing these are cabled, because of the barrel adjustor on the MTB shifter pod, right?

    Just a thought, but are they waiting to drop this, so that they can get it spec’d around that larger free hub body shimano is making ?

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