We have news that Cervelo yesterday entered an exclusive agreement to sell to PON Holdings BV.

Our exclusive source says co-founder Phil White will stay on board for two years and that the brand has several “firsts” products coming early in 2012, including the new P5 time trial/triathlon bike.

Insiders are saying the partnership will bring heavy financial resources to fuel growth and brand development.

PON Holdings BV is a Dutch family run trading and services company that focuses on improving marketing, distribution and logistics for partner companies. More as we get it.


  1. Sevo on

    WV-Yep you were. 😉

    Whatever-Sure people say that about you.


    I’m excited for this. Cervelo has quietly led a lot of cool advances in bike parts (if you know anything about the industry, Whatever and Tom obviously don’t) and have gone from an obscure Canuck brand to a respected world leader pretty quick. I still would love to hunt down a Renaissance (sp?) and if I had the money I’d have a soloist.

    Cervelo has been good at making good bikes. Sometime not always adapting the latest trends one moment (and often for good reason) and on the other side setting the latest trends (often for good reason).

  2. JorritW on

    That’s really funny cause PON is the distributor for Porsche, Skoda, Audi, Seat, Continental, Goodyear, a lot of other brands (they recently purchased “Gazelle” bikes)

    But as you guessed they also distribute Volkswagen also known as VW.

    Remember Cervelo is also known as Vroomen-White design, yes VW!!


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