What, with TRP telling us they’re already redesigning the Parabox to be more road bike friendly in anticipation of things to come (as in, they know things most of us don’t), it’s not hard to put one and one together.

Magura posted this video Christmas Day when no one was looking, not even a mouse. Now that it’s getting a few eyeballs, word from them is they can’t say anything officially until the second week of February due to OEM launch commitments. All our contact would say is that “it’ll be a big deal” and that there will be some “firsts ever in the bicycle industry” from a “market leader.”

Magura has had similar partnership experiences in the past, and word is they’ve been working with an OEM company for over a year on this project. Intrigued? Check the screen shot after the break and start guessing…

magura road hydraulic disc brake or shifter group set coming maybe

Talk about a mystery pic… Any guesses?

Magura HS77 hydraulic rim brakes for road bikes tandems and touring bicycles

Back in the late ’80s, Magura made the HS66 and HS77 road bike hydraulic rim brakes that used a drop bar brake lever with integrated master cylinder (Photo found on Velosniper). That was pre-STI levers, and when those came out, it killed the brakes. While our source wouldn’t actually tell us anything (seriously, nothing), his excitement about getting their brand into some of the biggest races in the world again was palpable. Read into that what you may.

BTW, they still make and sell more than 1 million of their MTB hydraulic rim brakes per year. They’re mainly used for touring and such where very strong brakes are useful for big loads.

Also BTW, the video shows the road going down the hill to their factory in Bad Urach, Germany.

Last BTW, notice how small the master cylinder must be to fit nicely in that lever? Encouraging, no?


  1. Well…if we go by color alone it would be Specialized or Trek. I’m sure The Bigs are just chomping at the bit to be the first to try to put a road dedicated disc brake production bike in the peleton. Everyone wants to prove this is real and be a “market leader” or “innovator”. We all know its coming, its going to improve performance and change road bikes forever the only question left is who is going to do it first in a big way.

  2. My Guess:

    ABS for bikes. Hydraulic has already been done, but ABS…that could be a game changer. With just a little power, a small solenoid, and a small sensor and circuit reading the brake rotor you could put together a system like that.

    Why would this be a possibility? Rapid downhill on wet. Discs help a lot in wet, but ultimately ABS is even better. Some people won’t like it, but you even see a lot of motorcycles with ABS now. And if you’re willing to have some electronics help you shift better/more efficiently, then why not have some electronics help you brake too?

  3. My Guess:

    Its a snapshot of the actual caliper… assuming that hydraulic road brakes is what they are teasing us with.

    Its clearly a CAD photo – (Computer Design image)

    Also, the reason I say it is the actual caliper is if you look through the left side of the red object, you can see what appears to be an object roughly the same shape as a disc brake pad.

    I’m sure it will be interesting either way.

  4. I see what Nick is saying about the square thing, but my guess is to go with Ripnshread that it is a lever, if only for the fact that whatever it is must extend a way off the right of the image for the U-R-A of the logo to fit.

    Should be interesting to find out anyway.

  5. How hard is it to put two electronic buttons on a brake lever? Compatibility might start coming down to what harness your hydraulic road brakes plug into.

  6. Ripnshred-Definetely a lever. Agree 100% And yep, looking at my set of the old hydraulic road levers and fast forward to today’s tech, yep…electronic could happen easily.

    Even if it’s just levers this is still huge. Could explore the Retroshift route on these and have a true all weather, forever shift/brakelever set for pretty much any drop bar need. Or enough people use bar end or Pauls’ shifters it wouldn’t matter.

    Magura is a bit more than just a MTB stuff. Their is a wee bit bigger company behind all the goodies we know in the bike world. Could they launch their own shifting system? You bet. And if a road system is truly in the works…..I bet we’ll see a MTB shifting system too.

    Regardless….excited. Time to sell my Magura road levers while they still have a high value. And going to start selling off other stuff to get a road rig ready for discs. Something like the Foundry Ratchet is sounding pretty damn sweet right now. Magura has one of the best MTB systems out there. Period. Even my MT2’s on my fat bike feel better than others high end stuff. Only Shimano I think goes toe to toe there.

  7. In the darkest deepest recesses of my garage, I have a set of Edco-branded, Magura made hydraulic brake levers with integrated 8 speed shifters for Campagnolo spaced cassettes.

    Not very elegant, the shift lever protruded from the front of the hood – how do I upload a photo?

    See you in a few hours, or days…

  8. Atgani, use our “submit news” link and send over that image!

    Ripnshred, we’d say you’re probably onto something with the idea that it can’t be too hard to stick some electronic shift buttons on a hydraulic brake lever. We’re hearing rumors something exactly like that is on the way…

  9. Can’t see maggy mixing it up with the big S’s electronic stuff, seems to simple. They seem to like to blaze down a new trail. Read on another site a theory of them hooking up with Acros…that makes more sense to me.

  10. “his excitement about getting their brand into some of the biggest races in the world again was palpable”

    This tells me that it’s a company that’s not currently a componentry player player in the peloton, but that once was, and would like to be again. Can you say Mavic? They had an electric group at one time. Makes a lot of sense….

  11. I really think those look like the satellite shifters for Shimano on the left of the teaser pic. My bet is we are looking at the inside of the right “brifter”

    @Atgani, post that pic!
    @Topmounter, I have one of those shirts too! I recall less then a year ago, R&A had a Softride in their sale section with a full Zap group……oh the dammage I could have done to myself! haha

  12. I dont think the Sram red dropping in Feb has anything to do with it. Sram has avid in house and that would be silly to find a brake company out of their company to supply a new brake set up.

  13. Assuming this is a disc brake from Magura and their teaming up with a drivetrain company isn’t campeg the obvious one? With the electronic shifting they have the empty shifter just asking for a master cylinder, as well, as far as my knowledge they have no experience in hydraulic brakes. The other thought is FSA, it’s well known they’ve been working on a drivetrain for sometime.

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