Too good to be true?

The folks who brought us the slick iBike power meters- which combine wind speed measurements with accelerometer outputs to determine the forces a rider is overcoming while riding- have just introduced their POWERHOUSE cycling computer.  The idea is a slick one- to combine iBike’s proprietary sensors and power deduction calculations with the display, battery, computing power, and memory of an iPhone or iPod Touch.  Taking advantage of the iPhone/iPod’s processing power, iBike have teamed up with coach Hunter Allen to develop a number of 4-6 week “fitness plans” targeted at specific goals (including “iSlim”, “Weekend Warrior,” and -yes- “Brazilian Butt”).  These plans are claimed to adapt to the rider’s progress to maximize workout benefit.

If it works as promised, at $269, that’s a lot of information and direction for not a lot of -wait for it- booty.  Click through for more images and the full release…

January 3, 2012 – Boca Raton, FL – Velocomp, a leading sports technology company and creator of the iBike Dash CC Cycling Computer, introduced today iBike® POWERHOUSETM, the world’s first intelligent cycling computer that automatically adjusts

to your exercise goals.  Based on periodic assessments of your fitness improvements, the revolutionary iBike POWERHOUSE works with your iPhone and iPod touch to measure, guide and motivate you to achieve important health, appearance, and fitness goals. The POWERHOUSE method maximizes the benefit of each ride and shortens the time needed to achieve results.

To be introduced on January 10th at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012) in Las Vegas, NV, Booth #3430, iBike POWERHOUSE combines iBike’s patented power measurement and analysis technologies with automatically-adjusting, goal-oriented cycling plans — all delivered through the incredible display and computing power of the iPhone/iPod touch.

Choose Your Goal-Based Plan – iBike POWERHOUSE Guides You Step-by-Step

Working out with iBike POWERHOUSE is easy.  Select a goal-based plan, from “iSlim,” “Express Fitness,” “Brazilian Butt,” “Kid Fit,” “Weekend Warrior,” “Zero to 50 miles in 3 weeks,” and “Healthy Heart” — just some of the plans available through in-app purchases.  Then, over a period of 4-6 weeks, iBike POWERHOUSE guides you through a series of 45-90 minute bike rides.  During each ride, you are directed to pedal at specific levels of effort (power), customized to the plan’s goals and your measured fitness level.  So, a “couch potato” will start out at a challenging but lower level of effort, whereas a fitter cyclist will start the same plan at a significantly higher level of effort.

Fitness Plans Designed by Power-Cycling Coach Hunter Allen

iBike POWERHOUSE’s fitness plans are designed by Hunter Allen, the world’s foremost power-cycling coach.  Allen’s plans have been proven over nearly 20 years of coaching cyclists at all levels — from beginner to world class.  And, in addition to the structured ride information for each plan, videos are included with tips from Allen for getting the most out of your cycling.

iBike POWERHOUSE is a complete system, including:


  • A water/shock resistant case for the iPhone/iPod touch.
  • Patented electronics that perform all cycling measurements, including power.
  • An app that interacts with iBike’s electronics.
  • A wireless speed/cadence sensor.
  • Universal mounting system.
  • The ability to listen to music or take phone calls while cycling


“The iBike POWERHOUSE is the only product that creates cycling plans customized to your fitness level and goals, and that automatically adjusts as you improve”, said John Hamann, CEO, Velocomp.  “iBike POWERHOUSE is a must for anyone who owns a bike and who wants to achieve measurable improvement towards health and fitness goals.”

Priced at $269 MSRP, iBike POWERHOUSE includes the case, electronics, POWERHOUSE app, speed/cadence sensor, iSlim Plan, and mounting system. Additional fitness plans are available in-app, priced at $9.99 each. iBike POWERHOUSE is fully compatible with all bicycle ANT+ HR sensors.   For more information, see

About Velocomp First to Deliver Precision Measurement and Expert Guidance for Outstanding Sports Performance

Velocomp, LLP is a sports technology company based in Boca Raton, Florida. The first in the bicycle industry to deliver advanced power measurement at a mainstream price, Velocomp is dedicated to product breakthroughs in the areas of performance, measurement, design, and value.  Launched in June 2006, iBike® power meters are being enjoyed worldwide by cyclists of all levels.  In 2010, Velocomp introduced the iBike Dash, the first complete bicycle system for the iPhone and iPod touch. For more information, see



  1. aaaa on

    @ Yeahaaa!!!

    Why no android?
    Pretty simple… you don’t need to design your app for hundreds of different combinations of….
    RAM, CPU, GPU, GPU memory, display size, operating system version….
    And you don’t need to design your custom case for every single android phone out there, taking into consideration physical size, type of connector, location of connector, etc.
    The android world (which I greatly appreciate) is just too fragmented for something like this. And I think this same fragmentation is what will always keep android just a few steps behind the apple world.

    But still a pretty cool idea.

  2. Alex on

    Who is ibike trying to market to with these devices? They spent a lot of money advertising on TV in July, but the commercial seemed geared to the casual cyclist. It seems like for $269 for an iphone case that money would be much better spent on an edge 500 and a Strava membership.

  3. Scott on


    Garmin and products like it are just so nerdy. I do not say that in a bad way at all, but I work in the cycling industry and care negative 0% what my wattage is. I want a cycling computer that tells me what to do, and that I do not need to decipher the info from.

    I appreciate the racers I know that use Garmins and Strava, but it is not for me at all. I hope this, if I interpret it right, does just that. I hope it tells me what steps to take to maximize my workout, and does not require me to look at charts or graphs or anything like that. I do enough of that at work.

  4. Matt on

    So what is the difference between this and the iBike Dash+Power. It seems like some of the same features, maybe with a different interface at 1/3 of the cost.


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