2012 Cervelo P5 spy shot

We’re not sure if she’s running from Cervelo’s guards or just playing around, but this photo slid under our virtual door just a bit ago with an obviously fake email address as the sender. So, thanks anon!

This here claims to be the new Cervelo P5 triathlon bike, and it’s looking an awful lot like a drawn out version of the already very aerodynamic S5. The head tube is way longer, and the bit above the bottom bracket is much taller, effectively reducing the frontal area of the seat tube. Because the rear brakes are moved below the chainstays and behind the BB, the back of the seat tube is able to be drawn into a much longer fairing. The downtube has a similar Kamm Tail shape with a flatter surface at the water bottle mount.

Speaking of water bottle mounts, one obvious change from the P4 appears to be the loss of an integrated water bottle above the BB junction.

Both sets of stays look about the same thickness as the S5, as does the fork. The bulge coming off the non-drive side of the bottom bracket shell indicates it’s likely using their BBRight standard. The brakes, while a bit hard to see in this image, do appear to be mechanical, but we’re not ready to make a definitive call on this until the official unveiling on Wednesday. Perhaps this is just the “budget” mechanical version since those are obvious mechanical shift levers on the end of the aero bars and the derailleur cable forms a big loop in the rear. In the meantime, check our other posts here and here for more rumors.


  1. Julian on

    Interesting that they are using campy boras and looks like campy group set! Do any triathletes ride campagnolo?

    Looks like there maybe cable integration through stem into frame? Anyway will have to wait and see if this is a real pic..

  2. Chase on

    Much like any tri bike it will be a pain in the butt for mechanics when they come in. Let’s go back to the days of drop bars as the only way to get aero.

  3. Mark W. on

    first it looks not at all like an S5, it looks like the P3 more than an S5
    I was waiting for someone to come out with a pic like this and ruin it for cervelo.

  4. Scott on

    @Rusty. No integrated brakes? Where’s the rear caliper then.

    Also you won’t see the new stuff unless SRAM or Magura want you to see the new stuff.
    Cervelo wanted us to see the P5 but cannot show SRAM or Magura’s stuff until they’re ready to show it.

  5. ajbosch on

    I doubt she’s running from the gaurds, she’s wearing a P5 shirt. Can anyone make out what it actually says. She either made the shirt herself or Cervelo are the one playing around. 🙂

  6. Morganj on

    I looks like there might be a brake by the bottom bracket. But Cervelo’s website did say there would be two different models. Maybe one will have completely integrated brakes, and the other not?

  7. EC on

    given that screw on top of BB, I think they can add a water bottle at the location where P4 has to further cheat winds when cross wind is not strong. That thing in the black bag hanging on saddle might be the bottle cage and bottle, judging from the shape. 😛

  8. euan on

    Not quite two different models but two different forks and stems. The tri version uses a deeper for that has an extension in front of it that meets a similar extension for the stem to form a nose gone. This extended area is where all the hydraulic magic happens.


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