Cervelo co-founder Gerard Vroomen and former BMC CEO Andy Kessler have announced that they are starting a new brand that’s likely to focus on mountain bikes.

The news seems to have originated from a SlowTwitch forum where Vroomen has chimed in to set a few details straight:

(Andy) and I are looking into doing something in mountain biking, not exactly sure what yet. It’s fun to do something new, although I have to say it’s frustrating trying to come up with a new brand name. Cervelo was so easy to come up with, I never worried that it could be difficult to come up with another one. So if anybody has any suggestions, let me know.

The operating name is “Open Mountain”, but from the sound of things, they’re looking for something a bit edgier.

In December, Cervelo entered into a agreement to sell to PON Holdings. Vroomen made it clear that he will still be working with his original partner in Cervelo, Phil White, to pen designs for that brand and that any forward motion with Open Mountain will be with their consent.

Thanks to Jason for the tip!


  1. satisFACTORYrider on

    i’m just gonna say this is every LBS’ wrenches worst nightmare. it’s bad enough to wrench on foul, unkept, nasty, crust infested crotch perches of tri bikes but to add a mtb bike to that nasty owner’s quiver..
    looking to do something in mtbiking…? uh nothing goin on here..move along..please

  2. gerardvroomen on

    Thanks for all the “helpful” suggestions guys, much appreciated. Wouldn’t your energy be better wasted riding? Cheers, Gerard


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