Carbon 29er fork carries over from Syncros as a Ritchey branded item.

Vantage II alloy 29er wheels are new, they’re coming later this year with a new OCR off center rim with a proprietary material. Hubs are an updated WCS mountain hub that’s adaptable to QR9 or 15mm thru axle. Rear will have a standalone 142 option.




If you new further evidence that 650B is coming, here’s a look at some prototype 650B wheels from Ritchey that should make their official debut at Interbike. Tom’s also working on a new tire for them that’ll be a 2.0 width. They’ll use the same new OCR rim profile as the 29ers.



New cycling caps are all wool. Gray in front is waterproof, and all retail for about $20 and all made in Italy.


Jerseys are a mix of great designs and comein around $85 depending on the exchange rate. Biciclista.it


  1. I’ll never buy a jersey from a fat guy, regardless of how nice the jersey. And those two don’t look to nice anyway. Goes to motive.

    A handbuilt frame, that’s a different story. And smokers are even fine here.

  2. @Kovas:

    Just because Tom doesn’t make the bike doesn’t mean it isn’t hand made. Almost all bike frames are hand made albeit on a production line. You really think all those frames coming from Merida, Giant and other Asian factories are being cranked out by robots or trained chimps? Reality is there is more stuff being hand made now than at any other time in history. That’s why I think calling it the hand made bicycle show is something of a misnomer. A more accurate name would be custom made.

  3. @Chris: Though most of the Ritchey’s out there aren’t made by Tom, he is in fact still making frames himself. From what I understand it’s only one here and there for friends or one-offs, but he is still making some.

  4. Gezz you can barely tell that’s a picture of a bicycle rim much less a new 650b! What is it XC, AM ? aluminum, carbon? Had some OCR 26″ers back in the day stout reasonable light rims. Thanks for the pic anyway, something is better than nothing.

  5. I’ll never buy a hat from a fat guy? What planet do you live on? Guess you’ll never buy one from an American guy then. I sure hope that was a joke. Stefano is a great guy who is shockingly fast on a singlespeed. Not to mention he puts an amazing amount of time and effort into the European singlespeed scene.
    (Disclaimer… Biciclista is a sponsor of my team and Stefano is a friend but that’s because he’s a great guy).

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