limited edition red anodized rotor cranks celebrate Cobo Vuelta win

Rotor has introduced a limited edition re anodized version of its cranks to celebrate Spanish rider Cobo’s stage wins and overall victory at last year’s Vuelta de España.

For consumers intrigued but cautious, they’ve also started offering a 30 day money back guarantee to let you try the rings without worrying that you won’t like them. They said they’ve been offering the program for a few months now and have only had a couple sets returned. We’re among those intrigued by the concept and will be getting some in or review soon.

Come May, they’ll have a new forged crankarm to offer a lower cost option. Called 3DF, it’ll be about 30g heavier than the 3D+ and about $200 cheaper. That’ll make it lighter than their standard 3D cranks, though. They’ll have a smaller drilling through the arms. Look for more details on that around Sea Otter.


  1. Robin on

    It’s be nice if instead of laser etching graphics, Rotor used some other method that allowed users to remove the loud graphics. Rotor, less can be more.

  2. Antoine on

    One little comment, the 3DF is actually 62gr heavier than the 3D+. The Road version is now being launched at the Taipei Cycle show and the MTB double and triple versions will be presented at Sea Otter…


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