NAHBS 2012 Cherubim silver bike

Cherubim always has a show stopper, and this year was no different. This sleek bike defies categorization, but always had a crowd around it. The other two bikes in their booth were just as well thought out, but virtually overshadowed by this razor. Fortunately, we got a few pics of those, too, and bikes from Alliance, Blaze and Bruce Gordon…

NAHBS 2012 Cherubim silver bike

NAHBS 2012 Cherubim silver bike

NAHBS 2012 Cherubim silver bike

NAHBS 2012 Cherubim Blue

NAHBS 2012 Cherubim Gold

NAHBS 2012 Cherubim Levis

NAHBS 2012 Cherubim black bike


NAHBS 2012 Alliance Green

Alliance Bicycles builds out of steel, stainless and titanium. Above, a classic steel road bike…

NAHBS 2012 Alliance Mountain

…and a titanium hardtail.

NAHBS 2012 Alliance Pink Road

And another with a simple but fun paint scheme.

NAHBS 2012 Alliance Pink


NAHBS 2012 Blaze Belt Drive

Blaze’s steel bicycles are made in Moab, UT, by Pierre Chastain.

NAHBS 2012 Blaze Road

Bruce Gordon

NAHBS 2012 Bruce Gordon Rock N' Road

Bruce Gordon is one of those builders whose bikes look fairly straightforward if you’re in a rush to pass by. Look closely, though, and you’ll notice some fine details. The rusty looking bike above actually had a pretty nice textured brown paint job and some shaped carbon fiber handlebars…which he sells and were inspired by some old school Japanese parts.

NAHBS 2012 Bruce Gordon Rock N' Road Bars and Belt Drive

Disc brakes make it a very slick singlespeed commuter that would be equal parts fast and incognito. It also had an early version of Panaracer’s forthcoming re-release of Joe Murray’s Rock ‘n’ Road 700×43 dirt road tire.

NAHBS 2012 Bruce Gordon Blue

The blue road bike is simple but pretty.

NAHBS 2012 Bruce Gordon Carbon

This one was the real eye catcher. Carbon fiber tubes with titanium lugs and 650B wheels. The detail work on the lugs is impressive, and you can check out more (better) photos on their gallery page.

NAHBS 2012 Bruce Gordon Carbon Bars and Top Tube

NAHBS 2012 Bruce Gordon Carbon Closeup

He also sells these lights and the mean looking canti brakes separately.


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