Trans-American Electric Bike TourEvelo just announced that they are sponsoring a 4,000 Mile Trans-America Electric bike tour. Departing from New York, the team’s destination is San Francisco. On the bikes to be ridden, the battery lasts for about 40 miles on a single charge, with each charge costing about 6-10 cents. Each Evelo bike will be equipped with Burley trailers and NuVinci drivetrains.

From the materials: The Trans-American Electric Bike Tour ( will promote electric bikes (or e-bikes) as an alternative mode of transportation for commuting and recreation. The tour departs April 7, 2012 from New York City and ends in San Francisco two months later, with stops at more than 15 cities to host presentations and talks. Coinciding with Earth Week in April and Bike to Work Week in May, the tour will help raise awareness of how electric bikes can make a bike-centered commute possible in any terrain and ease the transition for those wanting to exercise by bike.

Click after the break for a look at one of Evelo’s bikes and a new video from Rapha…

Evelo Electric

Though the touring bikes will have internal NuVinci drive trains, this provides a basic look at the bike. Evelo offers three models – this is the Aries. Battery lasts 40 miles with electric assist, 20 miles in electric-only mode. Claimed top speed is 20mph, 32kph. Pricing on this model is $1795. An extra $300 upgrades the Aries to internal gearing.

Rapha released their teaser for “Van Diemen’s Land” last week, and now it’s out. Another inspirational piece to fuel the cycling passion.

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