2013 Raleigh RXC pro disc brake carbon fiber cyclocross bike

Raleigh has two new disc brake equipped cyclocross bikes. The RXC Pro is the top of the line carbon version that’ll get Cole carbon rimmed wheels (currently made exclusively for Raleigh), Shimano’s new ‘cross brakes and full Ultegra Di2 and ENVE fork, bar and stem.

Retail will is TBD, probably be in the 6-ish range. A frameset will also be available, and Raleigh’s marketing guy Brian Fornes says that’s probably going to be the bigger seller. Why? Because it’s got some trick features…

2013 Raleigh RXC pro disc brake carbon fiber cyclocross bike

Cable ports are removable and will accommodate electronic, mechanical or hydraulic.

2013 Raleigh RXC pro disc brake carbon fiber cyclocross bike

Or nothing. The bottom bracket is PressFit 30 to accommodate an eccentric bottom bracket and let you set it up singlespeed. Fornes says they’re converting all of their BB30 bikes to PFBB30 for 2013 model year for the same reason.

2013 Raleigh RXC pro disc brake carbon fiber cyclocross bike

The primary change from this year’s canti brake equipped RXC Pro is the rear brake mount. These are Shimano’s commute style disc calipers as the new ‘cross ones weren’t ready by Sea Otter, but production bikes will have the new ones.

Claimed weight is around 16.5 pounds complete. The bikes and frames will be available by August, but likely in short supply. If you’re interested, talk to your dealer now and get them to preorder.

2013 Raleigh RX 20 disc brake alloy cyclocross bike

The alloy version will get an FSA/Shimano 105 mix with their Avenir cockpit and secondary brake levers. Fork is alloy, too. Probably looking at around $1,500.


  1. I sure hope they fix the angle on that rear brake cable once the proper brakes show up.
    What is up with the fork graphic on the aluminum model? it looks pretty bad!

  2. I’m liking the stuff coming from Raleigh these days.

    I wonder, are those Coles tubular? It seems silly to me to put expensive carbon clinchers on a bike when most serious CXers would just swap them for tubulars.

  3. Wow, I always wrote Raleigh off, but lately they have been coming out with some really clever offerings, I love the Furley and then this. Awesome.

  4. Nice looking bike. No needless extra strut junctures (BMC), no wannabee areo tubes, no ugly color scheme. A nice, straight forward, and well thought out bike. Well done.

  5. Wow. Raleigh is really killing it lately! Love the understated graphic treatments. I concur on the Furley, Roper, and XXIX, but especially their ‘cross lineup. Kudos, Raleigh!

    Five years ago, I wouldn’t have given Raleigh a second thought. Now? I have a ’12 Raleigh / Twin Six SS CX bike hanging next to my Black Sheep Stellar. Seriously. It’s a terrific ride.

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