Filmed at the firm’s Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham factories, their resident historian (and HR Manager) Frank Ellis told BikeBiz the bike featured in the film was a “Low Gravity Carrier”, or what’s called a Butcher Bike today.


  1. sure are some neat pedal-cranks. i wish my pedal-cranks looked as good as those pedal-cranks. but seriously, A+ video i love it. Any chance schwinn made one?

  2. This is why OSHA was formed. Not to mention child labor laws. Incredible to see the fumes and chemical exposures these people took everyday at work. Great vid. I expected Abbot and Costello to jump out at any moment.

  3. Finally, I now understand why the bottom braket is called the bottom braket! It was orginally a lugged bracket!

  4. Welding without glasses, dipping hands in paints/solvents ect. Wow. But the actual content of the video is great. I’m going to have to sent this my former Materials engineering professor/bike nerd. He’d love this.

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