Donut folding bicycle concept by Arvind M

The Donut folding bicycle concept sets itself apart from other folding design studies we’ve seen (here, here and here, among others) in that it transforms itself into a nice round circle.

It also puts the rider in a fairly aggressive position with a low handlebar location, but maybe that’ll just help you get where you’re going faster. The design comes from Arvind M and encloses every component inside the circle when folded, leaving nothing to get damaged or snag clothing. Click through for more pics…

Donut folding bicycle concept by Arvind M

Donut folding bicycle concept by Arvind M

Donut folding bicycle concept by Arvind M

Via Yanko Design by way of Designcot.


  1. This looks increadibly inconvenient. I thin I’d rather just keep it unfolded, so at least I could roll it. I had a Strida and, while it didn’t turn out to be as useful for me over the long term, at least it folded up into something that was fairly small and could roll while I carried it. This looks like a boat anchor.

    I don’t think I’d be interested for thoat reason, and also because I just bought a bicycle that folds up into the shape of a honey-glazed cruller and there’d be a lot of overlap.

  2. Extremely poor design.

    Good design is when something has great visual and functional design for ALL use cases of the product. While this might pack up nicely, riding it would be a nightmare.

  3. My neck and shoulders hurt just looking at that. At least it doesn’t have the stupid hubless, rim drive wheels that industrial design students love so much.

  4. Geez guys, freaking relax already! It’s just a concept rendering. The stuff of TRON movies. This thing’s not going to be made, it’s just cool to look at. Just enjoy it for what it is.

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