Walnut Studiolo leather bicycle frame handle

We’ve seen handles built into frames from a number of custom builders at NAHBS and elsewhere over the years, but this is the first we’ve seen to fit any traditional double diamond frame.

The aptly, and simply, named Frame Handle by Walnut Studiolo is a classic looking addition made of leather with two adjustable buckles. It mounts above the front derailleur and below most water bottle mounts. For city dwellers, it makes carrying the bike up flights of stairs much easier by providing a natural-feeling grasp point. Carrying the bike low helps keep it laying flat against you and not flopping around, hitting others or knocking into walls.

This project is on Kickstarter (of course) and has already met its funding goal, but you can still get in with a pledge to secure yours for less than the eventual retail. It’ll be available in black, honey and dark brown and can be custom monogrammed. Video and more pics after the break, along with some other nifty leather cycling goods they make…

Walnut Studiolo leather bicycle frame handle

Walnut Studiolo leather bicycle frame handle

Walnut Studiolo leather earphone cord management keychain

This earphone cord management keychain is made from upcycled leather scraps. You’ll get one of these with a small pledge to the campaign.

Walnut Studiolo leather bicycle frame six pack holder

We’ve posted some other stuff here, too, but the complete collection on their site is worth clicking over.


  1. I like how in the majority of the photos they are carrying the bikes with the drive train rubbing against their thigh. ::Sigh::

  2. This is actually a great idea, my touring/commuter bike is decently heavy and with bottle cages nearly impossible to shoulder up a flight and a half of stairs to my apartment so I generally grab the seat tube near the bb shell. This is just a fancier way of doing that.. the Beloved Everyday actually has such a handle as part of the frame.

  3. The chain is a Shimano CN-NX01 Single Speed Chain 1/2 x 1/8 – It’s still available to buy and it is a very strong and durable chain. I have one myself.

    The picture confused me at first because that whole crank set-up looks very much like mine, including the eggbeater pedals.


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