Spybike GPS Tracker Stem Steertube

Smartphones and bikes are being integrated constantly. With this device, everything is made seamless. Spybike is a GPS tracker that hides in the steer tube. It uploads coordinates both to your phone and a website in case of theft. Operation is simple – buy a pay as you go SIM card and link it to Spybike. Install the Spybike device in the steer tube. Then, before leaving the bike unattended, arm Spybike by swiping a key over the top cap. A blue light blinks for a second to let you know it’s activated. While activated, a motion sensor detects any abrupt movements and sends SMS alerts with exact coordinates to your cellphone.

Every 20 seconds the bike is moving, a new coordinate is recorded. When the bicycle stops moving, Spybike goes to sleep to conserve the lithium rechargeable battery. Also – if you forget to arm the device and your bike is stolen, it can be remotely armed with a cellphone. Neat.

Measuring 23.5mm diameter, 110 mm in length and weighing 67g, it’s claimed to fit most tubes if they’re 250mm or more in length. Pricing is $150 with SIM card sold separately. Click ‘more’ for a video…


  1. Looks like a great idea, bit pricey. Would like to know the accuracy of the GPS tracker. There have been several high-profile strong-arm bicycle thefts in our area and I, along with several others, am considering arming my steed with your device.


  2. I bought one of these a few months ago.I didn’t get around to install it until recently.This is definitely not a plug and play device.With that said,if you have a little tech saavy and patience you can get it to work the way they advertise.The sim card that I ended up using was from a Samsung a157 Go Phone(http://www.ebay.com/bhp/at-t-gophone-samsung-a157).It is a no contract pre-pay phone.You need to activate the phone first with the sim card in it.After activating the phone,you need to make a few test calls and texts to make sure it is working properly.Make sure it can receive calls and texts.Before you take the sim card out of the phone,you need to have the sim card unlocked.Apparently AT&T locks the sim card to the pre-pay phone you activated it to.If you put it in the tracker,it won’t work.I spent hours online trying to figure out how to unlock the sim card.The phone itself wouldn’t allow me to do it.Eventually I called AT&T and they unlocked the sim card over the phone.You will need the APN settings.You can find them by going through the phones settings.
    After doing this I was able to install the tracker and send it the required texts to set it up.You will need to set most of the setting that are in the instructions to get it to work.I had to adjust the sensitivity settings to 6 to get it to work right.I also had to send it my phone number a little differently than they had in the instructions.I didn’t use the + sign they had said to use.In Europe you might need it,but not here in the States.
    I took it out for a test today.I armed it and it sent me a text about a minute after I moved it.It went into tracking mode.I went home and looked it up online.It was pretty darn close to being spot on.
    Over all,I am happy with this tracker.

  3. Does anyone know what happened to this product? Is it still for sale? The last post is almost a year old, and the website just goes to some seedy looking, confusing, site in German. Are they still in business?

  4. It’s incredible there aren’t lots of choices among GPS trackers for bicycles. There’s a huge market for it, but there doesn’t seem to be a nice, user friendly option out there.

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