2013 Cannondale SuperSix EVO standard mod road bike with SRAM Red

For 2013, Cannondale’s SuperSix EVO line expands with a new standard modulus carbon frame. The higher end HiMod frames use a full BallisTec base frame with high and super high modulus carbon wrapped at the joints to tune the ride feel. This lets them use fewer fibers for a lower weight because the BallisTec fibers are so strong.

For the new standard mod EVO road bikes, they keep the BallisTec base frame and add more BallisTec fibers to get the overall stiffness up. It adds more overall fibers, so weight is up a bit, for frames at about 950g for a 56 painted with hardware.

Cannondale’s marketing director Murray Washburn says ride feel between these and the HiMod is very similar other than being about a half pound heavier.

2013 Cannondale SuperSix EVO standard mod road bike with Di2

Molds are the same, so these bikes keep all the SAVE compliance features, layup and construction are the same. Seat tube has directional layup and fork has a forward design, both giving the bike better bump absorption while keeping it laterally stiff.

2013 Cannondale SuperSix EVO standard mod road bike with Di2

Prices range from $4,450 with SRAM Red and $5,200 with Ultegra Di2.


2013 Cannondale Super-X disc carbon cyclocross bike

New Super-X Disc bike takes the top rung in their ‘cross lineup. Same BallisTec carbon frame, but they got more compliance out of the frame because there was no need to reinforce the seatstays. Fork had to be completely reworked to allow for disc brakes.

2013 Cannondale Super-X disc carbon cyclocross bike

2013 Cannondale Super-X disc carbon cyclocross bike

2013 Cannondale Super-X disc carbon cyclocross bike

No Red hydraulic disc brakes for 2013 because availability wasn’t a sure thing, but Washburn says they’re testing it. Retail is $6,100 with SRAM Red. There will still be a cantilever model equipped with Rival.

2013 Cannondale CAAD-X disc alloy cyclocross bike

CAAD-X alloy model also gets disc brakes comes in at $2,200 with Ultegra.


2013 Cannondale SuperSix EVO standard mod road bike and disc cyclocross bikes actual weights

  • SuperSix EVO Standard w/ SRAM Red = 15lbs 6oz
  • SuperSix EVO Standard w/ Di2 = 15lbs 13oz
  • Super-X Disc w/ SRAM Red = 16lbs 5oz
  • CAAD-X w/ Ultegra = 21lb 3oz


Word is the Jeckyl will get beefier, longer travel forks, chain guides and other additions to make it more of a freeride bike. Scalpel 29er gets subtle graphics and spec changes, and of course a new Lefty. Look for more on all this soon, they’re holding a separate event for MTB stuff.


2013 Cannondale SuperSix EVO HiMod road bike with SiSL2 cranks and SRAM Red

The new women’s Super Six HiMod EVO road bike takes the BallisTec carbon, Thinline and Speed SAVE stays for comfort, as well as a bit of built in flex in the seat tube. There will also be a couple regular modulus models, but this HiMod one is (for now…) the lightest frame Cannondale has made.

Five sizes, all based on stack and reach, with the smallest size being the 44cm. Lyriel Jordan, Women’s Bicycle Product Manager, says that’s the smallest bike they could make. They grow linearly 6mm in reach and 17mm in stack each size up. There are also two different rakes (50 and 45mm) on the forks to improve handling and prevent toe overlap on the smaller frames. They have size specific layups and molds to make each bike ride as intended and save as much weight as possible. Jordan says when you make the tubes really small, it can stiffen them up if the layup doesn’t change.

Frame weights are as low as 720g to $760g (painted with hardware) and prices range from $5,500 for the standard mod Di2 model up to $7,700 for the Hi Mod SRAM Red model shown here with that crankset that we’re not supposed to talk about yet.

2013 Cannondale Tango 29er mountain bike hardtail

Tango is a new 29er hardtail with the stiffest front end of any of their bikes. It’s designed to have a really low stand over height and is positioned as an entry- to mid-level enthusiast mountain bike. It tops out at $1,550 with XT with an entry level model at $890.

2013 Cannondale Althea womens hybrid commuter mountain bike

The Althea is a women’s version of their Quick CX, and it’s an aggressive hybrid bike that puts you in a somewhat forward position that splits the difference between a commuter and mountain bike. Stand over height has been improved, and frame dropped about 200g from the old women’s Quick CX.

It’s capable of carrying a full load, handle any sort of urban or dirt road adventure and has full rack and fender mounts. It has exaggerated SAVE stays to give it a bit more rear end compliance. It gets their Headshock suspension on the top model, and disc brakes on the top two. Three models total. Prices range from $600 to $1,330.


  1. The tango seems to be a modernized version of the Killer V frames. Not that it looked “normal” before but it appears a bit cartoonish built on wagon wheels. Still kind of cool to see that old bit of design.

  2. I was under the impression that BB7_MTN brakes needed to be used with long pull (v-brake) levers where as a canti brake or BB7_Road uses short pull levers, which is why you can use any road group with a road/sti brake/shift lever on a canti or bb7 road brake. If my eyes are doing me right i see bb7_mtn brakes spec’ed on the Super X disc. Am I missing something?

  3. @Meta

    “fork has a forward design” means that the two blades are a bit more bend forward (and thined out) than usual on thesedays carbon-forks.
    In combination with the special orientation of the fibres this sould provide a better damping fork.
    It just mimics a bit the oldscool steel forks on classic-racers…
    And to ensure that the steering behavior stays up to date: the dropouts apear to be a bit set back…

    perhaps this explains better:



  4. So let’s talk about that crank.

    From what I can see in the photo it looks like some sort sort of Hollowgram with possibly SL+ or SL^2 arms? connecting chainrings with 10 arms? Maybe some sort of spline driven system? Appears spiderless. Prob a No Nuts small ring. Def. Looks TAF.

  5. Whoever lined up the QR on the cross bike to follow the fork blade and chainstay has probably never worked as a mechanic at an actual cyclocross race. At least they didn’t leave the rear skewer pointing backwards…

  6. the 29er v frame is ridiculous. You can’t get the handlebars low enough for correct position on a small bike with 29 inch wheels. Just like the 44cm road bike. Any women who is competitive, and needs a 44cm seat tube, can’t get the bars low enough with 700c wheels. You need 650 wheels.

  7. hey Chris
    Whoever serious lined up in a cyclocross race: changes bikes, not wheels and probably the majority of the reader here have never been paid as a cross-pit-mechanic. At least the front Screwer is not pointing forwards…

    I´m just joking!

    …and one more season distressed about the cable routing:
    “Dear Peter D. please don´t put any cables under the TopTube… and at least not in the flattened section where the shoulder apears from time to time!”

  8. “For the new standard mod EVO road bikes, they keep the BallisTec base frame and add more BallisTec fibers to get the overall stiffness up…”

    Does this mean that the standard mod EVO is stiffer than the hi-mod?

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