2013 cannondale supersix eve black edition

We covered Cannondale’s new models, which include disc brake versions of the SuperX and CAADX cyclocross bikes, standard mod EVO’s (both here) and the new Trigger mountain bike (here), at Press Camp. The rest of the 2013 range mainly sees spec and graphic updates.

The top SuperSix, CAAD10, and Slice models get the stealthy new blacked out color scheme with minimal logos. The SuperSix EVO Black, above, and the three models below it all get Cannondale’s new Hollowgram SiSL2 Spidering crankset. The rest of the spec is the new Shimano Dura-Ace 9000, ENVE/DT Swiss and a full ENVE cockpit. Retail is $11,999.99.

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2013 cannondale supersix hi-mod evo di2

Directly below the Black Edition is the SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD Dura-Ace Di2. Build has Mavic wheels and tires, FSA cockpit, and a Fizik saddle. Retail is $10,499.99

2013 cannondale caad10 black edition

We rode Cannondale’s CAAD10 road bike when it was introduced a couple years ago and it’s surprisingly well mannered for an alloy frame. For 2013 it gets the blacked out treatment for the top model, which is equipped with Shimano Ultegra Di2 and FSA SL-K cranks, Ultegra tubeless road wheels, Fizik saddle and Cannondale cockpit. Retail is just $3,699.99.

2013 cannondale slice rs tt triathlon bike

Introduced last year at Ironman Kona, the Slice RS gets an expanded range. At the top is the Black Edition with Zipp 808 Firecrest tubulars, SRAM Red, FSA cranks and bars, and Cannondale’s rather unique looking seatpost. Retail is $9,999.99.

2013 cannondale slice ultegra di2 tt triathlon bike

Below that is the Ultegra Di2 model with FSA cranks wheels and bars, Fizik saddle. Retail is $6,499.99. There’s also a standard mechanical Ultegra model for $4,999.99.

2013 cannondale slice red tt triathlon bike

The top non-RS Slice is the Hi-MOD SRAM Red model, which gets Cannondale’s Hollowgram crankset and the new Magura hydraulic RT8TT brakes, Fulcrum wheels. Retail is only $3,999.99.


  1. The slice RS black is absolutely sinister.

    I’m most excited for the caad10 black though, for the spec on that bike that thing is a bargain even at full retail.

  2. The super six evo di2 seems to be the old version. Why don’t they use the new one? A bit strange isn’t it?

  3. @ajbosch – I bet they combine Ultegra 6770 Di2 derailleurs and other components with Dura-Ace 9000 shifters (which use the same eTube wiring as Ultegra Di2).

  4. AJ – it will be soon, can’t remember the date, but by the time these bikes are shipping it should be available to OEMs like Cannondale, then aftermarket shortly thereafter. It’ll be that same shift pods currently available for Dura-Ace but with the new single-wire E-Tube system (which the new DA upgrades to as well, so any remote shifter will work with either group).

  5. “The top SuperSix, CAAD10, and Slice models get the stealthy new blacked out color scheme with minimal logos.” So what are the specs for the top-end SuperSix? Picture? Price? I suspect because the evo standard will carry Ui2 the SuperSix will not. Making Ultegra the top end groupo. Can’t wait, oh the suspense!

  6. Nice looking bikes. It’s too bad that Cannondale will be months behind in production and you won’t be able to get the size you want or need. Even though Cannondale is owned by a big box brand, they still haven’t got their production issues resolved yet.

    The last I heard from a former Cannondale rep the writing is on the wall for their demise. Let’s hope Dorel doesn’t let it come to that. Cannondale’s IPO days during the 90s dot-com boom was bad enough!

  7. That’s a good one… we just got back from dealer camp and things are looking stronger than ever if you ask me. Last year the evo was delivered on time and had good availability. Scalpel 29 carbon too… the alloy bikes took longer but that was never not going to be the case.

    This year the Trigger is going to be on time too. The only supply chain issues had to do with them UNDER forecasting and running out of some of the lower end hybrids and mtbs early. Overall sales have been up and they are pushing out some of the 2013 low end trail and path bikes now just to keep up with demand.

    We just took a delivery of 2013 Trail 5s and 6s along with some 2013 ladies quick 5s. Looked great.

    Their revived R&D approach that started a couple years back in really starting to pay off… new Lefty is baller and they finally hit the mark with a more budget version of the sisl crank allowing them to bring their design down to lower price point bikes and do away with mediocre offerings from FSA and Sram.

    Its going to be an awesome year from my perspective.

  8. @ Carytown Bicycle Co. – you seem very informed, do you perhaps have information on the 2013 models availability (date) and pricing.

    What I don’t get is, last year prices jumped 150-500+ US dollars on aging frame tech and componentry. Ex. Caad 10 ultegra in 2011 ~$1800 now in 2012 the same bike is $2330. A $500+ price hike a year after Cannondale moved production overseas to save what I have heard to be 8 million. I want to see more competitive prices this year, and what we’ve seen is promising. The top Caad 10 w/ U. Di2 is certainly a bargain as others have mentioned.

    Additionally, the top end Synapse will have the killer blackout theme. Can’t wait to see the topend SuperSix!

  9. that di2 ultegra is the jams. such a good deal.
    throw on a powermeter and get fast.

    i remember the days when cannondales had color and felt was known as “the flat black bicycle company”

    my how the times have changed

  10. @Carrytown.

    I’m not saying Canndale doesn’t offer a good product, it’s that they can’t deliver the product on time. There’s no other bike company on the planet besides Cannondale that seems to have such a problem with production issues. This has been going on for 20 + years.

  11. Just went to the cannondale expo It was awesome some really cool kids bikes to compete with the booming giant kids bike market. The new evo even lighter. slice rs surprisingly light for the extra aero stuff. I’m not so happy about the cutting of caad 10 durace I think there was no market there when the price was almost Identical to supersix ultegra over all really happy with new range GO CANNONDALE

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