Catlike Mixino Helmet Red RearBased in Spain, Catlike started selling in the US earlier this year with the highly ventilated and comfy Whisper Plus at the top of their line that we tried on at the SE Bike Expo. They’re now adding a new helmet, the Mixino, to take the place of the Whisper Plus as their show piece. At the same time, the Whisper Plus gets a support system upgrade and a significant price drop.

Shown above, the Mixino is Catlike’s new pro model. Packed with 39 air vents for maximal cooling, it weighs in at 225g (medium size) and rocks the MPS eVo strap retention system with two arms and two lateral wings that allows for rear adjustment, horizontal and vertical slide for a great fit. We have some snapshots here. An Aramida polyamide cage lining the helmet ensures safety. Sizing and colors are TBD and pricing around 199.95€.

UPDATE: All information and pricing here is for the European market only at this time. No official word on if/when these changes will come to the US market. We’ll keep you posted.

Click ‘more’ to glance at the Whisper Plus and Vacuum mountain bike helmet…

Catlike Mixino Helmet White

Catlike Mixino Helmet Gray White Catlike Mixino Helmet Black

Whisper Plus

Catlike Whisper Plus Helmets

Whisper Plus gets 39 air vents and is available in 4 sizes (3 sizes for the US market) with the medium weighing in at 260g. The support system is upgraded to the MPS eVo, same as the Mixino so fit should be comfy and secure. Pricing is set at 129.90€.


Catlike Vacuum MTB Visor Helmet

The Vacuum is Catlike’s mountain bike helmet with a detachable visor. Weight is 270g in medium and it’s lined with 19 air vents. The Vacuum’s colors and sizes are TBD for the US, Europe is likely getting red/black, white/black, black/white (shown above) and pink/white. Pricing is set at 99.95€ ($145 in the US).

Availability TBD.


  1. Only thing I’m taking away from this is that the Whisper’s price will go down. Call me guilty as charged, but I’ve been curious about trying it despite how ugly I think it is.

  2. I’ve had a whisper plus and can vouch for the impact strength & I liked the looks myself.
    Was doored at a high rate of speed and my head was the first thing to hit the ground when I went over the door. It did crack of course, but my head was still in one piece unlike the rest of my body.

  3. @condor

    What’s so special about it? That is obvious as the helmet has passed EN and CPSC tests. By the way you’re lucky it didn’t rip your head off because of its weight 😀

  4. @mkrs
    EN and CPSC tests are completely ridiculous – please check the requirements for passing these tests. IMHO, they have no value in determining what protection a helmet provides in a real life accident.

  5. Definitely one of the most beautiful helmet designs. Unique. Only dead fish go with the flow. Maybe one day I’ll get one when their L weight falls below 200g. Currently on Limar ULTRALIGHT+ ROAD /MET Sine Thesis

  6. @mkrs I feel like there is more material around the head – specifically the back and behind ears area – as compared to my giro aeon (which I also crashed on and split). Both helmets pass the over the bars pile driver head-first test.

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