Biologic Foot Pump Integrated Seatpost

Biologic just announced a new gadget – the Postpump 2.0. Yep, a seatpost and a tire pump, together as one, compatible with both Presta and Schrader.

While serving normally as a standard seatpost, when running low on air you can pop a pump and stainless steel footstand from the bottom. Biologic designed the Postpump 2.0 for Tern folding bikes, but it fits many others with a clamp diameter of 33.9mm and 580mm height. Total weight is 718g. MSRP is $50 and it’s sold in black and chrome.

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Biologic Seatpost Tire Pump Compact

For tiny 20″ x 1.5″ tires, Biologic estimates it takes 40 strokes to pump to 50psi.

Biologic Folding Seatpost Tire pump Valves



  1. Confirming that it is the most handy pump ever, i need to say that you’re a bit late by calling this a new gadget. Mid 2011 i bought a foldable bike (a Dahon) already having this as a standard feature. Nevertheless, thumbs up guys! Cheerio

  2. I keep a Planet Bike pump in my carbon post, when I get a chance I’m going to weigh it and see how it compares. Specialized also makes a nice pump that will fit in a seat post.

  3. It probably COULD be shorter, but it was designed for Tern folding bikes. The one size frame requires a long enough seatpost for taller individuals.

  4. Always wondered when this would come back. Believe it was Odyseey back in the day (and maybe one or two others) who did this as well. First saw this in ’89.

  5. Sevo is correct! Odyssey had the Aerator post. That was back before they focused on BMX -only specific products. That is the first seatpost pump I know of. It could have been the late 80’s or early 1990’s.

  6. This product is probably obsolete now with the introduction of a completely integrated 440 gram 6061-T6 seatpost that does not need to be removed from the seat tube AND that pumps 15 Bar using the seat as the pump handle! Invented and patented by an Austrian, production models have been certified to meet every single European standard for bicycle parts AND that withstand 100,001 cycles WITHOUT failure of any kind.

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