2013 Trek Mountain bikes actual weights - Stache

Trek introduced their 2013 models with separate and sporadic announcements for road and mountain bikes over the course of the year. Now, we’ve gone hands on with the scale to get actual weights for most of the new models. Included are a few links to past coverage for details along with a few notes based on our observations and quick chats with their demo folks.

Above: Stache – XL – 26lb 3oz (11.74kg)

Each bike is listed as “Model – Size – Weight”. Most have one or two bottle cages on them. Enjoy…


Lush SL Alloy – 17.5 – 27lb 3oz (12.32kg)

Bikes are shown in random order, the Lush Carbon is further down. Both bikes are pretty good looking, we’re anxious to see the 29er version when it rolls out. More on the women’s mountain bikes and CrossRip here.


Cali SL – 17.5 – 26lb 10oz (12.06kg)


Slash – 17.5 – 29lb 13oz (13.58kg)


Fuel EX Alloy – 15.5 – 27lb (12.19kg)

Anyone else notice that the Top Fuel is gone from the lineup? It’s absence is Trek’s way of saying the short travel 26″ XC bike is history. Now we wait to see if it comes back in 27.5″/650B form.


Remedy 9.8 Carbon – 15.5 – 26lb 15oz (12.29kg)


Superfly 100 Elite SL – 19 – 23lb 12oz (10.84kg)

The hardtail Superfly SL wasn’t on hand. One of the reps said they weighed one of these 100s with pedals and seat bag and it was just under 26lbs. Details on both Superfly bikes and the Stache here.


Fuel EX Carbon – 19.5 – 26lb 6oz (12.04kg)


Rumblefish Pro 29er – 15.5 – 28lb 11oz (13.01kg)


Lush Carbon – 15.5 – 24lb 11oz (11.37kg)



Lexa SLX Alloy – 52 – 19lb 13oz (9.01kg)

The Lexa is the women’s version of the alloy Domane. I pushed on the saddle hard and it doesn’t have nearly the flex as the carbon model we reviewed. More info on the alloy Domane and 2013 Trek Madone here.


Domane WSD Six Series Carbon – 54 – 16lb 3oz (7.34kg)


Madone WSD Six Series Carbon – 52 – 15lb 4oz (7.19kg)

For the carbon frames, the Madone and Domane are essentially the same between men’s and WSD (Women’s Specific Design) bikes, but spec changes to accommodate gender differences in reach and anatomy.


Madone Six Series Carbon – 58 – 16lb 6oz (7.45kg)


Domane Six Series Carbon – 58 – 16lb 15oz (7.69kg)

In addition to our review linked above, basic bike info is here. The alloy Domane wasn’t at the demo. Trek Greensboro shop owner Chris said the biggest thing you’d notice on the alloy model is the longer wheelbase and geometry rather than the bump absorption. We’ll be testing this theory out later this fall as well as getting some time on the new Madone. It’s worth pointing out the minimal weight difference between the Domane and Madone bikes here.


  1. Hey Tyler-

    Must have just missed you at the demo today! Looks like I’ll be on a SF 100 SL next year…

    When you gonna shoot me a line? I still want to help with product testing 🙂


  2. LOL!!!
    Yeah, what’s up with the handlebars?

    As for weight, they seem pretty heavy, compared to similar bikes from other brands.

  3. Awesome! Thanks for posting these. And, is the weight accurate for the (pictured) Superfly 100 Elite SL – 19 – 23lb 12oz? If so, that’s impressively lighter than last years! And very light for an XT 29er. Might have just found my next mountain bike!

  4. Also worth noting that although there is minimal weight difference between the Madone and Domane 6-series bikes, they have considerable different ride characteristics, and the Madone 6 and 7-series are still made in the States, while all the Domanes are made overseas.

  5. DAmian Radock’s 16 lb 11 oz Superfly Single Speed hard tail with ho fronmt shoks. View,picture at: frhttp://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc6/223867_417760358247247_1222051760_n.jpg

  6. One reason for the extra weight versus competitors is due to the use of Shimano Ultegra groups on the above bikes, which, while having great shift quality and durability, is on the heavy side. I would know, I have a 6 Series SSL with it and getting it to 6.4 kilo’s was difficult.

  7. MTB = idiot who must not look at weights of the 29ers. What other brands are you talking about? Niner? Santa Cruz? Makes no sense when you make comments that you do not back up with the info?

  8. Hi all,
    I’m looking for a weight measurement for a 58 ion cx pro. If you have one you can throw on a scale, or have seen this info published somewhere let me know.

  9. Actually the men’s 6 series madone/domane’s were closer to 9.8lbs when you take off that bike computer, it’s manufactured with depleted uranium.

  10. The Remedy lineup is hands down the best AM rig out there. Having owned both 9E and 9.8 versions I with throw my money at the screen to buy a 650b Remedy. Come on Trek you have loyal customers waiting for this to happen.

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  12. Really appreciate this – just spent ten minutes trying to figure out what an average Trek bike weighs, and none of the sites will tell you.

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