2013 Reynolds Solace alloy road bike wheels

Reynolds is primarily known for their Paul Lew-developed higher end carbon fiber aero wheels, but they’ve had a few budget alloy offerings for a bit.

Now, the low- and mid-level Solitude and Shadow will have a higher end big brother in the Solace, a 1400g wheelset that’ll retail for just $950. Even better than the dollar-per-gram ratio is the feature list: Bladed straight pull spokes, which Reynolds’ marketing director Rob Aguero says greatly improves stiffness, laced to Stan’s NoTubes licensed BST road tubeless rims.

Spoke count is 20 front, 24 rear, mostly in a straight pull config. Rims are 22.6mm deep and have a 17mm/20mm inside/outside width. From Aguero:

“The solace is your go anywhere, do anything wheel for road or cyclocross. The rim features a wide inside cavity and short sidewalls allowing for lower tire pressure benefits, and a smooth ride. The wheel utilizes Stans’ NoTubes Bead Socket Technology (BST) allowing the flexibility of using tubed or tubeless tires.”


  1. I am assuming “…mostly in a straight pull config.” is intended to mean that most of the spokes are radially laced. To be an accurate statement, some of the spokes would have to be j-bend style.
    “Straight pull” usually describes the type of spoke, not the lacing pattern.

  2. For that price you can have a custom wheel set built on much better hubs (Alchemy, Chris King, WI, DT…….) in your choice of spoke count, on the alloy rim of your choice, and you’ll likely have a decent amount of money left over. Given that, what’s the benefit to buying these?

  3. Psi said it best. Stans road rims, sapim spokes, and King or Alchemy would put you around the same price point and at slightly less weight. I wonder if those those beastly skewers are factored into the weight.

  4. I kind of agree with Psi Squared, but truth is that these have straight pull spokes, and that is a really nice touch. Hubs for that kind of spokes are not cheap, and they work so much better that angled spokes.

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