Shimano’s new Dura-Ace Di2 9070 will be programmable with multi-shift soon. This video shows it initially running up and down the cassette just holding the levers down continuously. Next, it runs through it with single taps as fast as we could get it to go.

It’s remarkably faster if you’re willing to put your digits to work. Shimano’s rep said they had to limit the speed of the shifts when holding the levers down because the motor could go faster than the chain could connect to the next cog.

Pics and rumors after the break…

The new motors are far more compact than the original and the new Ultegra Di2. They almost look like standard mechanical parts.

Other cool news? If you run the upcoming internal battery, you may just get the system lighter than its mechanical counterpart. A small port on the junction box that sits near the stem lets you charge the internal battery without removing the seatpost.

More? The unofficial (for now) word is that the rear derailleur communicates to the system whether it’s working as 10- or 11-speed, meaning you could plug a new 11-speed Dura-Ace Di2 rear derailleur into an otherwise Ultegra Di2 system and have it shift properly through 11 cogs. We haven’t tested this, and, of course, you’d need the 11-speed cassette, chain and chainrings, but the potential savings in parts for the Ultregra front derailleur and shifters make it rather interesting.


  1. Gunnstein on

    If multi-shift speed is what you want, go with gripshifts. I can crank through the cassette of my X9 setup a lot faster than this. Not relevant to roadies, I know, and useful only in semi-emergency stop situations – in real emergencies shifting is rather unimportant.

  2. Brattercakes on


    That’s a really good point. Maybe there could be another button hidden somewhere. Wouldn’t think it would be that hard for engineers to be able to incorporate your idea somehow.

  3. Canucklehead on


    The button could work as a direct control of the amount of travel per shift. Ideally, the control would be accessed from the shifter, over the wireless signal.

  4. Mike C on


    Ooo! A third button that was open to programming, but otherwise inert. That would allow Shimano and third party developers to sell different software functions/apps… Build it into the hardware and then make huge cash off either ala carte app options, or subscription-based updates with a library of defined functions.

    Future is wide open with this stuff…

  5. Craig on

    Am I missing something? have I not drank the juice?

    Why is this such a big deal. SRAM red (and most other top end components) can shift just as fast…so i don’t see the big deal about it. I do remember seeing multiple riding on the TdF having to stop by the team car because their electronic derailer wasn’t shifting…at all!

  6. alex on

    speed is not the point of di2. it say’s in the second paragraph that it could go quicker but the chain wont pick up. i use di2 and love it in comparison i just bought sram force group with gore frictionless cables and the shifting in comparison is far to heavy front shift on di2 is flawless when you have used it for a while youll wonder how you did without. used it for a year and not once has it drop’d the chain and im using osymetric rings. shimano are way a head of the rest and expect them to stay there.

  7. Derek on

    When you’ve wasted your money on the rest buy the Best Shimano Di2. Sram users always drop chains a la Andy Schleck losing the tour due to Sram Red. I have Dura Ace Di2 and wouldn’t swop it for anything. Sram and Campag are just plain rubbish and I’ve ridden with both of them. My personal opinion


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