KMC recently updated their pins on the XSL chains to make them stronger and last longer.

The new X2.0 chain pins claim to double the chain’s life by preventing stretch. The outer plates now have XX stamped on them, so you know you have the latest version.

The plates also get new XX bridge shaping amd chamfering on the insides and outsides to guide the chain on and off the cogs for quicker shifting.

Available in 9-, 10- and 11-speed, weights range from 224g at the lightest (11-speed Gold/Silver) up to 277g for the base level 9-speed chain. The 10-speed Gold/Silver is 236g.

Retail is $65 up to $98.

There’s also a DLC (Diamond Like Coating) 10-speed chain that ha a very hard, smooth surface for a bit better longevity but much faster shifting. That one’s up to $145.


  1. I’ve been using 11 speed chains on a 10 speed drivetrain since they came on the market. I feel they allow a tiny bit more tolerance in drivetrain errors, shift easier, and ?bend? a bit more if really trying to wrap the chain around your 52×23 or whatever your second to lowest is on the cassette.

    I’m also a weight weenie 🙁

  2. Agreed. Never had a problem with a (current generation) KMC chain that I didn’t cause myself. Excellent quality and durability. Dale, every X10SL I’ve had has lasted longer or as long as any other chain I’ve used, with the exception of the previous generation (to the current, not the one in this article). That version seemed to wear out quite fast…

  3. rpdupre – Yes, the x10SL is the best for me as well. I have used DA, 1090, 1070 as well as many mtb chains and always find the KMC is the best. I should have mentioned that I really beat on these chains in this time period. In that time frame it’s over 6000 miles, weekly racing, and riding in europe for three weeks. I use Q-rings too which I think might ad to the strain. But yeah the KMC x10sl is the best shifting and lightest chain.

    I have one in the pkg here that has the double x durability mark on the box. This is one of two I got off ebay like three weeks ago. I have one on the bike now and will check the stretch after a few more weeks.

    Either way kmc chains are the best.

  4. I’ve been using the X10SL on a SRAM XX setup. The front chainring are carbon ti and the chain stick when changing gear. It blocks the drivetrain and is very dangerous. This chain seems to have high friction on teethes even with a lot of lube.

    Any idea if it is a incompatibility ? The original SRAM chain seemed also smoother and the cassette and less noisy, but 20g heavier… who cares!

  5. DS,
    Pull that crappy aftermarket ring off and replace the original and it will shift just and run fine.
    I run XX and the KMC SL chain lasted more than twice the mileage of the original 1090 SRAM.

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