Kali is changing the game for kids bicycle helmets. After updating the Maha skater style helmet with more coverage, they’ve introduced the real star of the show with the new Chakra.

Available in child and youth sizes, they feature a full inmolded shell and adjustment dial – two features you simply don’t see at these price points. Or on kids helmets in general.

Retail is just $25 and $29, and the youth sizes come with a removable visor. This price point, and the accompanying retail margins, let bike shops sell a premium offering against the big box stuff.

Speaking of skater/BMX/DJ helmets, peep past the break for a sneak peek at something cool…



Some serious vents make the little one feel like they’re super pro. And they’re really, really lightweight, which should keep them happy and comfortable.



The new Viva takes all of their lightweight MTB technology like conehead dual density EPS foam and the softer yellow Bumper Fit foam and created the first-ever ABS plastic shell that’s inmolded. This is a new technology and it gives this style helmet unprecedented durability and protection.

Typically, an inmolded helmet in this style uses a thin polycarbonate shell that dents and becomes less safe. With an ABS plastic shell, it’s harder and more durable, but heavier because the shell needs to be thicker and it needs tape, glue and/rivets to hold together.

Their new inmolded ABS Viva combines the benefits of both and does away with the downsides.


The Bumper Fit let’s them give it a deep for for better head coverage because you don’t need so much padding. It’s not shown on these prototypes.

Available next year sometime (it’s still in development), pricing will be $49 at most.


  1. If Kali keeps bringing innovative helmets at the top AND the bottom of the scale they are going to be rivaling the giants in no time. Keep up the good work!

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