DZR H20 Waterproof Shoe

DZR may be king when it comes to clipless commuter fashion. For years they’ve released drool-worthy footwear that combines the function of a recessed SPD cleat with the form of stylish grippy streetwear. At Interbike, DZR revealed six new shoes. Shown above is the H20. The high top H20 is completely waterproof, fully sealed at the seams, and lined on the inside with a waterproof membrane. It gets a stiff performance sole, with a metal reinforced nylon shank for the cleat, just like DZR’s Task Collection.

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DZR Waterproof Shoe H20 Rear

From what I hear, the H20 is comfy and not overly toasty on the feet, despite the fact they virtually encase your feet in a bag. The upper is a sheepskin leather and there’s a reflective strip in the rear. Priced at $159, they’re set to release soon, just in time for the soggy winter season.

DZR White Vegan Shoe DZR White Vegan Shoe Rear Reflective

New to the collection are two vegan shoes. Shown above is the fittingly named “White”, made with an outer of textiles and synthetics. MSRP is $89.

DZR Casual Shoe Jetlag Vegan White Cove

Another vegan shoe with the same design as White is pictured fourth from the bottom. It’s titled Cove and will retail at $95. DZR is also adding three new shoes to their Jetlag slip-on collection. Designed as simple, super casual footwear, they’re secured with a velcro closure similar to triathlon shoes. The Purp (bottom) and Pigeon (second from bottom) are priced at $89.

DZR Jetlag Casual Shoe Side DZR Casual Jetlag Nero Slip On

The all-black Nero is the third addition to the Jetlag slip-on line. It’ll sell for $85.



  1. On the DZR website, the Jetlag appear only to be available in sizes 37-41, while the Concubine is available from 41-47. Are these essentially the same shoes but with size-specific models? Or what is up?

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