Twenty2 Cycles just sent over pics of their new Gates Belt Drive + Rohloff Bully fat bike build, done up on their titanium frame.

The project started as a custom build for a customer, but they liked it so much it’s being added to their queue and will eventually be available in steel or alloy, too. While their stock titanium frames start at $2,850, this one will start at $3,000. It’ll work as a singlespeed, too, with either a chain or belt drive.

Twenty2 Cycles has been in business for a couple years, the name coming from the atomic number for their preferred frame material. They have three welders with a combined 50+ years experience.

More pics below…

This black one is their steel Bully with a traditional geared build.


  1. As the owner of said amazing ride, I can honestly say it is the coolest, most perfectly designed and built bike ever! Rides beyond beyond like a dream! Twenty2 Cycles customer service, skill, and creativity are the best! They even went to the end of the earth to make a set of 29er wheels that work great with the bike to enable road touring. One bike that can be a snow, cross, 29er, or loaded touring rig. There can’t possibly be a better built bike out there. This ride is perfect joy! : )

  2. @shmully
    as the owner could you explain the seat post on the your bike
    I dont understad why you would not just go with a good rigid post on a snow bike

  3. Mark,
    Dropper. Not many call them snow bikes anymore because they are ridden all year round. In fact, a lot of people buy them specifically for non-snow conditions.

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