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Some things are just nice.  Take, for example, this Hope Bolted Seat Collar.  Sure, any number of collars will do the job just fine, but Hope’s latest version really is something to see, to hold, and to use.  Along with other Hope components, it matches the Pick ‘n Mix headset on our Project 1.2 singlespeed- and is both reasonably priced and surprisingly light.  Hit the jump for the rest of the details!

After years of ‘just OK’ quick release seat clamps, dropper posts and lightweight builds like our Project 1.2 single speed have us thinking about simple bolted collars again.  Hope’s version is built entirely of aluminum- the clamp, the oversized bolt and threads, and the keyed nut on its backside.  Our 34.9mm version weighed in at 25g- smaller sizes are as light as 19g.

At $32, the Hope is reasonably priced for either a premium product or something made in a first-world country- and a steal for something that is both.  With lightly greased threads and a bit of carbon assembly paste in the seat tube, it has happily held a slippery carbon post in an inexpensive carbon frame without slips or creaks- all while looking awfully good and making us smile.  Just plain nice.  Available in six sizes and six colors from your friendly local bike shop.



  1. Tom on

    I am surprised Hope released an update of this clamp and did not fix its flawed design. This clamp, especially with an alloy bolt, despite being oversized, is in desperate need of a barrel nut. If they used a barrel nut they could have got away with using a non-oversized bolt made out of Ti. I have seen far too many of the bolt heads shear off these. As soon as the two faces go beyond parallel when tightening, it side loads the bolt head, and they break. They are also creaky. It may not happen right away, but it will happen. Great machining from Hope as always, but a weak design.

    Just read how many people have snapped the bolt…

  2. greg on

    it works okay BECAUSE the bolt is fat. the bolt and its threads try to keep the ears from bending inward.
    but yes, it’s a flawed design, with the extended ear sedtion, the clamp is trying too hard to pinch inwards and crack someone’s carbon post. the best clamps have a thin collar, gradually getting thicker at the bolt head and threads, which sit near the full width of the clamp and as close to the frame as possible, and then gradually tapering to the split.

  3. Marc on


    I’m not sure that I understand your comment. Modernized, developed societies (with their attendant higher costs of living– and improved quality of life metrics) are considered ‘First World.’ Even in the cold war context (capitalist countries aligned with the US), the description fits.


  4. tom on

    This was the worst seat clamp(s) I ever purchased. Used a Thompson post, steel frame and this clamp. Constantly slipped. More like slid actually. I ordered a second one to give it one more chance. Same story. Put a Salsa clamp on and forgot about it. And the alloy bolt wont last long if you need to remove and install your seat post frequently.

  5. Marc on


    According to Hope, they strengthened their bolts about a year ago in response to the failures. We’ll keep an eye on it and let you know how it holds up!



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