Cadel Evans BMC SLR01 racing road bike

George Hincapie’s Gran Fondo was one heck of a ride, with several teammates and other pro friends joining him for his big finale. We had a chance to snag a few photos and weights.

Among them was Cadel Evans, 2009 UCI Road Race World Champion and 2011 Tour de France winner, and this is his BMC Team Machine SLR01. The frame may be new, but he’s made some interesting spec selections…

Cadel Evans BMC SLR01 racing road bike

Up front, he’s running a no longer available Easton EC90 TKO carbon drop bar.

Cadel Evans BMC SLR01 racing road bike

It’s a fairly standard bar with classic round drop.

Cadel Evans BMC SLR01 racing road bike

Slam That Stem!

Cadel Evans BMC SLR01 racing road bike

At least on this bike, he’s still running 10-speeds with V.1 Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 and an SRM power meter crankset.

Cadel Evans BMC SLR01 racing road bike

Perhaps it was the ~8,600 feet of descending (which also meant ~8,600 feet of climbing!!!) that prompted him to choose alloy rims. A few of the descents were “world class” as Hincapie put it during the pre-ride comments, by which he meant they were screaming fast, steep and curvy, and alloy rims still provide more confident braking than carbon. The tab behind the rear brake is for race numbers.

Cadel Evans BMC SLR01 racing road bike

With Dura-Ace pedals, two bottle cages the bike weighed in at 16lb 12oz (7.6kg).

More pro bikes to follow…


  1. The best handlebar in Easton’s line-up, the one that their pros prefer, and it’s impossible to find. Fortunately, I have two stashed away.

    • Billy – No, he didn’t, and we haven’t seen any evidence or even hearsay that Evans is anything but above the board when it comes to clean racing. Google around a bit, he seems to be on the level, and we couldn’t be happier about that.

  2. @Billy – Hey if you don’t have anything nice to say you might want to keep it to your self. The nasty comments about doping are just people being nasty.

    @Tyler – It was a great event. Sadly I did not finish it at the same pace at the PROS, but I did finish. The bikes were all really fun to look at over in the cove by the resort. More articles like this would be fun to read.

  3. Google around everything and perhaps find nothing… except Cadel being “tested” by Ferrari when going from MTB to road. A stretch, perhaps. But some arguable degree of smoke.

    Buzz off David, the sport is ugly. If you can’t handle this kind of talk, go play golf.

  4. I am lucky in that I rode in the same race with Cadel back in 1993 when he was with Cannondale. I reminded him of this again I was lucky enough to get a word with him after his sprint victory over Alberto in the Tdf in Carhaix in 2010. ( I have a photo ;-)) I’m also lucky to have that very bike, but this is where my luck runs out!!, mine is a 57cm and weighs in with sram red at 6.85, does a Powermeter weigh that much? Cadel broke the Armstrong era and broke it clean.

  5. Y’all are idiots. Cadel is world class. You don’t often hear me not trolling this page but I will break when trolling becomes personal. The man is cut from a different fiber.

  6. I believe Cadel is clean. Hasn’t it been proven that a team leader can surround himself with dopers? Aren’t these domestiques doing the bulk of the work?

    If Armstrong never tested positive or was not doping it’s because he didn’t have to. The rest of the team doped to carry his arse to the finish line.

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