Sparse has created one of the best looking and functionally safest bike lights we’ve seen yet.

The design integrates the lights into your frame, making them exceptionally hard to steal. The icing on the cake is that they’re pretty good looking, too. Up front, the headlight’s mount doubles as a headset spacer. The tail light slides around your seatpost and fits all three common post diameters. In order to remove them, you’ve gotta take the stem or seatpost off the bike, creating a major deterrent to casual thieves.

The insides and functions look good, too. A Lithium Polymer battery powers them for four hours per charge. They’re rechargeable via USB and ship with a 6′ cord and wall plug, so all you need to do is park your bike near a socket to recharge them every few rides. The housing is die-cast aluminum and holds a double lens with silicone gasket to keep the electronics dry. They’re rated at up to 220 lumens in the front and up to 50 for the rear and will be available in black or brushed alloy.

Pics after the break…

Sparse bicycle lights headset spacer mounted headlight

Both lights keep things simple. The front has just on, off and blink modes controlled by a single button on the bottom. It’ll fit both 1″ and 1-1/8″ steerers. Production models will have a continuous reflector behind the LED bulbs to improve useable output and double as a reflector when the lights aren’t on.

Sparse bicycle lights seatpost mounted tail light

The rear has a one-second flash “on” mode, an automatic mode that starts blinking when it senses movement, and off. In Auto, it’ll start blinking as soon as you start riding and continue for 60 seconds after it’s held still so it stays going when you’re at a traffic light. It’s meant to be a set it and forget it light…as long as you remember to charge it. Anyone else thinking that nice, flat top section would make a great home for a solar panel?

Interested? Pledge $50 and you get a tail light. Pledge $75 and you get the headlight. Pony up $120 and get the pair, or for $160 you’ll get a limited edition White alloy pair. Check it all out here. Estimated delivery is March 2013.


  1. norcom on

    Does anyone using these lights actually wants to see or get noticed at night? Those LED’s have as much power as a candle. And the brightness description: “130-220 Lumens depending on how you measure it. (Lumens are a bit of a bogus measurement – don’t get us started) It is bright.” Really? Lumen measurements are bogus? How else do you measure visible light? Thanks but I’ll take any of the high powered SSC P7, XML-T6, XPG, SST50, SST90 LED powered lights instead of this bogus junk.

  2. sb on

    rad design. i can’t tell you how many battery operated lights i’ve been through… there’s a graveyard of either stolen, drained batteries, or disintegrated attachments. great solution with a beautiful design built to last. light my way, SPARSE!

  3. Caesar on

    I think Blink Steady’s design is more elegant (rear lights only)

    SInce theres an accelerometer already installed I wish it would blink and/or glow brighter when you are braking or slowing down. Could be helpful on group rides.

  4. Jez on

    Agree about blinksteady .. looks like a bit of a rip off of their ‘idea’ or knog or whoever thought of this first but it seems to me that these things are far from being thief resistant or even a deterrent .. surely they are more of a thief magnet ? .. instead of just stealing the saddle/seatpost or stem/bars by removing a bolt or two .. they get an expensive light as well as the bits they usually steal?!!!

  5. lovecleats on

    Sparse? on innovation perhaps? Good ole USA, grab someone’s idea, scuttle to China, find some slave labour and get your buddies to scatter gun facebook, twitter etc..WTF!!! At least blinksteady make it in USA (I think). And how is it everyone has to have a USB charger these days .. my netbook’s only got three USB ports!

  6. Victor on

    Great, beautiful product. Hard to get replaced when it fails though, despite the claims to being guaranteed. Their landline does not work and they are usually unresponsive over email (June/July 2016). Will not be buying their lights again.


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