2013 Fyxation Mesa 61 alloy flat pedal

Fyxation is better known for their colorful-but-tough nylon flat pedals adorning fixed gear bikes, but their new Mesa 61 takes the similar looking composite version and gives it a full 6061 alloy body.

Weight only goes up 29g (from 351g to 380g per pair), but we suspect the metal platform should be much stiffer and more durable. Platform is 106x100mm with a height of just 12.2mm at the front/rear edges (slightly thicker over the axle). It uses replaceable pins and is strap friendly. Spindle is chromoly with sealed bearing and DU bushing, and it can be installed with either an allen wrench or standard pedal wrench. Retail is $96.95.

Check the new combo kit for the Gates pedal after the break…

2013 Fyxation Gates Pedal and strap combo kit

The Gates pedal is now available with black straps as a combo kit for $54.95. The kits will be offered in all of their pedal colors -white, black, red, green, pink, blue and orange- but all straps are black. The strap is 2″ wide and uses seatbelt material, and the pedals are impact grade nylon with a 26mm height and chromoly spindle rolling on loose ball bearings. The kit saves you $8 compared to buying them separately.


  1. Huh? Straps on metal pins? How the heck you are supposed to put you foot in to engage? You can not slide a shoe across good pins, it is their whole purpose.

    But I would love to see all the hipsters with nice shinburgers.

  2. thin canvas hipster shoes, never have any tread on them, set the straps loose enough, they shouldn’t have any problems (I am 100% anti-hipster but used Power Grips in the days before clipless)

  3. What is exactly the point of straps if you set them loose, and what is the purpose of metal pins with canvas shoes?

    Providing an opportunity to catch it and main themselves? To be honest, I am all for it. In fact, it should be mandatory on all those brakeless fixies.

  4. Putting your foot in is a minor problem. But helplessly trying to release your foot while stopping / falling / in danger / crashing etc. , priceless!

  5. From experience- been riding Answer Rove pedals w/ Hold Fast straps for a couple of years and no problems getting in or out of em. Basically the same set up as above. Maybe there’d be an issue if the studs were sharper/pointier but not as they are. I’ve been using the full set of studs too. Fears are unfounded. The angled body acts like the toe flip tab on MKS and MKS-ish pedals, so getting in is easy. No problems getting in or out with my Vans, Duffs, or even my 5.10 shoes. They’ve been on my track bike and my road bike (when the clipless pedals blew up. A fella still has to get to work, eh?).

  6. Camouflage prints are for blending in, this is functional for soldiers and hunters. Now why would other people wear camouflage shirts on an urban setting? EXACTLY!

    Many artifacts today have gone beyond their intended functions. And the hipster movement did this to cycling so GET OVER IT! To each his own.

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