It wasn’t all that long ago that after hinting at a 12 speed electronic drive train that was wireless (!), that it was confirmed with video of it in action on our site. Now it seems, even more information on the radical group from Tiso is coming through from the source, including pricing and details on the workings of the system.

Gary Medley dishes out the info, after the break!

From Gary Medley: 

First, all Tiso Bike Components, including the 12-speed gruppo, are imported by Albabici in Oxnard, CA.  Please contact them for information.  Thanks.

Pricing: $3,200 for 12-speed Tiso system with 12-speed all-Titanium cassette. (You use your existing crank and BB)  Campy SuperRecord  electric is about $3,700 — without the Ti cassette.

Then, $2,800 for 10- or 11-speed gruppo, using your existing crank and cassette. System can be easily programmed to work with Campy, Shimano or SRAM, 10- or 11-speed. You could run a 11-speed campy one day, a shimano 10-speed the next day and a 12-speed Tiso the next (but you’d need the Tiso ti cassette for that).

Remember, the system is wireless from the brake lever/shifter to the controller/battery. Two small wires go to the front and rear derailleur. Also, the controller/battery box will be significantly smaller and sleeker during production. AAA batteries are used.

First generation will not have the Bluetooth control or app (still in development). I believe the shifting will still be controlled the wireless RF from shifters to control/battery unit. The eventual Bluetooth/phone app will be more of an integrated bike computer than a way to shift. More details to come, and I apologize.

We’re told there will be test bikes available at Sea Otter for the press – you’d better believe we’re already making plans. More as we have it.


  1. This sh!t will suffer the same as that stupid Sampson drivetrain crap. That’s right CRAP. Buyer beware. So like five people on the planet will buy this CRAP. You’ll have better odds of seeing Loch Ness and Bigfoot in the same day then seeing one person riding with this

  2. Where are the rest of the renders of the production concepts, like the image of the front der. they released a few months ago? Until they show pics of what they intend the set to actually look like I think the level of interest is kind of topped out at a solid “tentative.”

  3. What the flirth does “REAL MADE IN ITALY” mean? If a company can’t bother contacting someone who is able to string together a coherent English sentence, what would make you think that they did their due diligence with regards to engineering?

    The first thing any non-American company should do when attempting to enter the American market is to hire a native speaker/writer to craft some non-crappy copy for them.

  4. @chuck dick – really? Just because their English is poor they must not be able to engineer bike parts? You do realize that there are plenty of brilliant non-native English speakers, right? America isn’t the only place that can engineer bike parts.. Stereotypical xenophobic American.

    That said, I would like to see non pre-production photos. I really liked the way the rendering of the front derailleur looked, and would love to see the rest. Can’t wait to here some actual ride reports!

  5. Colin, I think chuck dick is right.
    “The first thing any non-American company should do when attempting to enter the American market is to hire a native speaker/writer (…). Why not just a student or someone straight from the street who speaks English fluently? It would take just 1 minute!
    Tiso may produce some really good (amazing even) stuff but they should polish their English a bit in order to present themselves as REAL professionals REALLY dedicated to their work.

  6. Oh my gosh,

    many American companies doesn’t have any proper presentation in German or Italian. Often Google Translate is much better than their translations. To hire any native speaker who can translate the stuff would not cost much, but nobody is wining like you guys ;=).

    BTW, half of the Tiso stuff is grap out of the box (mind: It has bearings, It’s from Italy, don’t buy!*), so I expect nothing. Such a complex system from Tiso.

    * this is (in parts) sarcasm

  7. Why such hate?

    Sure Italians aren’t known for quality electronics. This may not be a great seller, either. The bigger point is that someone is going wireless, 12-speed, and is planning for cross-compatibility. They are setting a bar for other companies to meet.

    Personally, I would love to see SRAM invest in this technology. They have quite a history of buying companies like Tiso (Sachs, Avid, Zipp, etc.). They are lagging behind with a mechanical 10-spd group that, while better than their original version, simply isn’t as good as Campy or Shimano.

    I think this will have some long-term potential even if the first effort is mediocre.

  8. Max and Colin have it, that’s some really special xenophobia shown right there by the flag wavin’ gun totin’ ‘Murkans. A company’s ability to translate into ‘their’ language having corelation to the quality of the product?

    I reckon A. may be on to something, I can see SRAM getting invovled in this, polishing it up aesthetically a bit, giving it some tacky decals, upping the price 20% and the fan bois cooing all over the place!

  9. HATE is a poweful word. so i highly doubt any of us truly hate this. but we do all have constructive criticism or opinions…it does not take some brillant mind to see just how much this stuff will NOT have a presence in the industry…maybe in some small remote part of the world and the five people that are using this.
    but here it goes…it looks terrible….who really needs 12 effin gears!!!! and then dont forget about the price of this nonsense, the availability of parts or pieces, warranty/service…all of this stuff, i guarantee will be a nightmare… the end of the day electronic shifting is a solution to a problem that simply does not exist

  10. “ascar larkinyar – how many more cogs are they gonna add to a cassette? are the chains gonna be one sided to get skinnier and skinnier?”

    Haha, that reminded me of Abbott’s book, “Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions”! Chains are soon going to be two-dimensional.

  11. A freakin joke… what is wrong with people… that NOW we need a wireless system… If you need electronic shifting cause you shift alot… then you need to goto mommy and daddys house… break out that old huffy and LEARN TO RIDE AGAIN…

    Lets see wireless… MMMMM what could go wrong… maybe i should carry a remote and hack into the system… head to head to the finish line… we are neck and neck… so i take my little finger and throw that puppy into low gear… STUPID AS HELL

    and its not about HATING and anything like that … it just PLAIN STUPID


  12. @bikindon “A freakin joke… what is wrong with people… that NOW we need a wireless system”

    I wonder if you thought wireless bike computers were stupid. Now try to find a wired one. Why would you want wireless for a groupset? Let’s see: All the advantages of an electronic group, but can be installed in a fraction of the time, easily, by anybody…no ugly wires running around the bike…more aerodynamic…compatible with existing cassettes…no special frame design need to get the full benefit…can swap wheels with different cassettes…

    I guess I must be stupid too, because I think that’s the future.

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