2013 Raleigh Revenio carbon fiber endurance road bike

Raleigh is offering a $100 rebate on select carbon fiber bikes from their 2013 lineup, which covers mountain, road and cyclocross bikes.

Eligible carbon bikes in the rebate program include various models of the Militis road race bikes, Revenio (shown above) and Capri endurance road bikes, Talus 29 Carbon hardtail and RXC Pro and Pro Disc cyclocross bikes.

Purchase any of the bikes listed at this link through your local dealer and they’ll send you a prepaid rebate card stacked with a Benjamin’s worth of buying power. Deal runs through March 31, 2013.


  1. Raleigh is having a hard time selling bikes huh, I see 1 big reason they spec a Carbon bike with a 3×10 Deore dyna Sys drivetrain and then charge $3k for it? something seems a little off

  2. Wow…did the marketing guy over at Raleigh just get out of high school? I hope on a 3K-6K bike you can finagle more than 100 bucks off retail just by telling a shop you want to buy it…lol

  3. @Quinn….EXACTLY!!! I don’t understand how they think people would be into it. the militis 1 with 105 retails for $2500!!

  4. Damn, I didn’t even know Raleigh made CF bikes. I’ve never seen one out on the road. I saw some old dude at the coffee shop on a sweet looking steel Raleigh spec’d with Ultegra.

  5. Don’t get me wrong Raleigh, you make a very nice bike, but…… perception is reality and you just aren’t ready to step up to that highest rung yet. Prices need to be second tier.

  6. Raleigh makes some rad bikes, and although 3-6k looks like a lot of money on paper, check out the specs and compare the prices to any of the big brands and you’ll see that they’re a steal. If you’re hung up on “perception”, maybe not for you. But if you’re looking for a good deal on a great bike, Raleigh’s got the goods

  7. You can certainly get far more off retail than the $100 rebate. It’s up to each respective shop to discount at whatever rate they wish, and then you can mail in your rebate for the extra $100. Getting 20% off a $2,500 bike from a reputable dealer and then another $100 on top of that seems like a good deal.

  8. Peter, 20% off is for last year’s model. I would never let a 2013 bike go while giving up half our margin, and I think most LBSs would take the same route.

  9. additionally, the Miltis is T-800 carbon and actually pretty stiff. Handling isn’t as “rooted” as some of the bigger brands, but it makes a good climber. I weighed a frame (w/ production paint) in at 924. Price is just a hair too higher, but still lower than a comparably equipped Specialized/Trek/Giant.

  10. I wish the major American bike companies (Raleigh, Felt, Redline, et al) would sell frame only (yes, sometimes they do but never the model I want). I’m sure their rationale is that their margins would be lower if they did so. Yeah well I’m not about to pay outrageous markup on components I can get for much less and install myself.

    So R-F-R-etc, guess what? Because you wont sell me the frame I want I buy Chinese carbon. What’s your margin on that? Right, zero.

  11. Just goes to prove there is a bike out there for anyone and everyone.
    Kwit your bichin’ ladies.
    You don’t like the bikes, don’t buy them. You don’t like porn don’t look at it.
    Move along.

    I think these are pretty nice bikes, and they are filing a void in the market. I am sick of the cdal, speci, and trek all making overpriced, over logo’d, over marketed crap.

    This frame, the Sette Frame and the KHS frames are all looking really good for me at this point. Ride your bike, train harder.

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