Bicycled Bikes is doing something we truly love to see – turning cars into bicycles.

We’ve seen plenty of upcycled bike parts and components turned into art, and artsy things transformed into bike parts. But rarely do we see anything on this scale, with junked cars scavenged for parts to be turned into a complete, functioning bicycle. Even better, some of the details are delightful, like reflectors from turn signals and quick releases from door handles.

Their website is up and they’re taking pre-orders. The project is a collaboration with LOLA Madrid, a creative marketing firm, and bike shops. More details as we get them.


  1. more earthy-crunchy-feel good-drivel. ok, frame is a purpose built BICYCLE frame. headset- BICYCLE. gooseneck- check. seat post- check. saddle- check, wheels- hubs- tires- crank- bottom bracket- etc etc etc… ALL BICYCLE.

    the only thing “recycled” is a bit of scarp vinyl to cover the saddle and wrap the bars, a timing belt, a decorative seat clap handle and OMG! a turn signal!

    the “fabricating” they are showing is NOT making a frame. the welds are crap. too much heat, he’s burning holes and making snot. NOT welding. i would surmise those shots were staged to simply show flame and sparks. the guy probably has a BA in English Lit. doesnt know fluxcore from a wire hanger.

    artsy crap. ( and i’m using “artsy” in its most satirical sense.)

  2. Where’s the headset made of rear wheel bearings? Where’s the crank made from welding a functional alternator in place of the bottom bracket shell? Where’s the timing gears used in place of the chainrings and rear cog? Camshaft handlebars? Leaf spring fork? Heater hose grips? Sheet metal fenders with wiper blade struts? This is a HALF ASSED attempt at a bike made from car parts. If you’re going to do it, DO IT!

  3. I agree, more hipster upcycle bs. No respectable frame builder will ever use stick welding on a frame and 95% of the parts are not from cars or a junkyard. The whole concept is bs and if anyone spends a dollar on one of these hack jobs they are wasting good beer money. Although their hipster demographic wouldn’t know a good beer if it was poured on their head anyway.

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