2/21:  Growler reference added…

Today’s one of those days when we hear about all sorts of cool stuff at once!

Developed while designer Brant was recovering from a back injury (and on painkillers) is On-One’s new Codeine full suspension bike.  It’s the first full susser that we’ve seen from the British consumer-direct brand (and Titus stablemates) since the Growler and has some interesting numbers that make it look like a pretty good time:  29in wheels, short 44mm chainstays, and a slack 67 degree head angle.  Travel should be 128mm at the back and a big 140-160mm at the front.  Target weight is right around 7lb and the price will undoubtedly be reasonable.  According to On-One’s US office, Brant’s expecting his sample tomorrow and production hasn’t been scheduled.  Until then, we’ll have to settle for the backstory (after the break)…

I designed it about a year ago, whilst suffering a back injury and as a result on lots of Codeine painkillers. It was rather an odd time as the drugs made me concentrate very hard on certain things and ignore others, which led to a really interesting CAD design session where I got very involved in tiny details that I’ve never studied before, and was completely happy about going through tiny iterative revisions of linkages and positions to get things exactly how I wanted them.

It also was a bit wierd as I decided that I didn’t need a front mech any more, but then having finished the drawing talked to a few people who thought that was stupid, so the project was shelved, but then brought back to life when SRAM’s XX1 came around as I figured that would trickle down eventually and we’d better crack on with it.

It’s a single pivot with a linkage driven shock. I like doing bikes that way. The singlepivot actually allows a shorter chainstay length than a Horst Link for the same travel – the Horst Link bike seemed to pull the rear wheel in more throughout the travel so the rear wheel hit the seat tube sooner. I did this using the Linkage software from Bikechecker and then throwing the output from that into Cadintosh which is a very basic 2D drafting package for my mac. From that I pass 2d to Taiwan, who then 3d it, and we fire things around a bit and it’s all done.

The 16in model Ed’s holding is currently being bashed about. We’ve got some tidying up to do before production, some weight saving, some modifications, but the basic geometry and features are working really well.

Headline numbers that people care about:-

Oh yeah – it’s a 29er. 140-160mm fork, 128mm rear, 67deg head angle, 35mm BB drop, 440mm chainstays (that’s 4mm shorter than our Scandal 29er hardtail!). Current frame weight 7.45lb. Planned frame weight 7lb.

ISCG05, Dropper compatible, 142 (will be, is 135mm right now).

No production date is planned currently.

on-one.co.uk (UK, RoW)

shop.titusti.com (USA)


  1. Seems kind of funky that the front/rear travel is so far apart… but hey, I haven’t ridden it; it could be a killer bike. It sure looks good! It actually looks more normal that a lot of full-suspension 29ers with less travel. Cool idea.

  2. 440mm chainstays? Um, thats not short.

    And 1x specific at 7lbs? Holy crap sled.

    I guess I would like to see things from Brant’s point of view someday, but I cant get my head that far up my ass.

  3. I don’t really get what he’s saying about Horst Link bikes. I’ve mapped a lot of wheel paths of Horst Link bikes in Autocad and what I’ve seen (generally) is that the Horst Link causes a small amount of growth in the chainstay. This would do the opposite of what he is talking about.

  4. Same as the Ragley Full sussers that never quite made it into the light. I guess Brant took the drawings with him when he jumped back to Onone. The wheel size mean I wont consider a purchase, when the el guapo is out there.

  5. I like it. It sounds like it might be the frame I was looking for. I sure hope Brant isn’t listening to all the naysayers here. If they can sell it for under $1000 I will be seriously interested in buying one.

  6. @Dave: Indeed. Pivot on HL seems to rotate out, not in… I guess free online tools and kid’s drawing kits do not show it clearly.

  7. Dont listen to peanutgallery Brant, that bike will sell like hotsex. Exactly what I and lots of other longtime bigwheelers been wanting for a while now, it will slay the chunky trails and be a blast in the big mountains if you like trails and not tracks. Make it red and remember; theres money in my pocket and they can be yours…

  8. More crap from O-O? Lurcher sucked. Swapouts sucked. New Ti Titus with no SS provision sucks.

    Seemed like they were getting some direction back with Scandal v2. But who knows? Give us an Inbred with 44 HT. That’s the stuff we like. Not this crap. Others are doing it better.

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