While we’re not quite sure what this design for a wearable action camera has to do with Lobsters, the Lobster-X design concept does stand out in a world of me-too cameras. Designed by Soohun Jung of Seoul, South Korea, the Lobster X looks to simplify the filming of your next adventure by eliminating any additional hardware to mount the camera. Even though it is still just a design, the Lobster-X is a unique concept that features a camera with flexible silicone hinges and a built in, retractable strap that can be attached directly to your body.

Get the flexy breakdown of the Lobster-X, next.

Key to the design, are the flexible hinges that have thin flexible wires throughout to allow the electronics to be broken up into three parts. The result is a very small wearable camera that is even more impressive thanks to the built in strap that you can attach to your leg, arm, head, whatever.

The strap is removed from the camera, then looped around whatever it is being mounted to, then locked into the opposite end of the camera. Jung expects the camera would mostly be used mounted to your head, which is why the camera is as small as it is. Any bigger, and the “camera would be ugly on the head and not comfortable.”

Helmets would render the Lobster-X mostly unusable for most cyclist, though the possibility of other mounting positions would still make it a potentially interesting option.


  1. Cool product, I guess.

    Sometimes I feel like all these goPro and other “look how awesome I am” cams just foster a more egotistical and show-off society. Or am I thinking too much into this?

  2. 3/07/2013 In response to KochamRowry, the battery could be of the new type LiPhosphate polymer, a new
    type of moldable battery. I’ve an experimental head mounted camera that uses that type of technology.
    It’s quite cool and hope the conglomerate will have it in series production by late this year. Use it in the medical field.

  3. This camera would make an awesome hub-shinner. Or Hipster could use it as a belt… “cut to the pelvis cam!”

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