Rivet Cycleworks classic leather bicycle saddles

Rivet Cycleworks offers classically shaped leather saddles with nice features hidden beneath the hide.

As the name suggests, a riveted metal connector holds the bottom together, pulling leather down from the sides. Anyone who’s ridden a similar style saddle for long knows the top part can stretch and roll inwards or outwards into a rather uncomfortable position. Rivet’s rivets prevent this.

The saddles are offered in a variety of colors and builds/lengths, and they have matching saddle bags and other nifty accoutrements…

Rivet Cycleworks classic leather bicycle saddles

An adjusting bolt adds or removes tension in the saddle so you can customize its ride feel. They also let you take up slack as the leather is broken in. The Riveted piece is visible through the cutout. All are 270mm long and widths vary from 150mm to 160mm to 170mm depending on model. All three have 90mm rails available in cromoly or titanium with weights from 360g to 600g. The thick leather comes from the American Midwest and is waterproofed during the tanning process, eliminating the need for post-purchase treatment.

Rivet Cycleworks classic leather bicycle saddles and saddlebags

They also offer leather handlebar tape and saddlebags, which hook nicely into the integrated bag loops on their saddles.

skully blinky bicycle light

They also happen to distribute Skully blinky lights…and there’s a sweet Ninja version on their website, too.


  1. uh, looks like a copy-paste of Selle An-Atomica. Don’t expect them to be better than their poor Titanico. This whole concept is just rip-off, they won’t stop to wear. At the end there are no threads at the end of the screw left. But you gonna sit like in granddaddy’s old chair. Not worth your hard earned money. Unless you ride just two Saturdays a year for a picnic in the park nearby.

  2. @bemme51, I couldn’t disagree more with that statement on the Selle An-Atomica saddles. I have the Titanico X on each of my mtb/road/commuter bikes for thousands of miles and they have supported my 240lb frame with far less wear then most saddles. Maybe you should have gotten the X model. On top of that they have a different stiffer leather out also now. I have not found a more comfortable saddle then this and I have tried a number of leather/new age. I will say per Tyler’s comments that I have punched lacing holes and laced each one of my saddles to stop the outward stretch like the Brooks imperial models. Everyone on the internet says to do this. These Rivet Cycleworks saddles do interest me a lot as they have different width options. I may try one out when I wear out my Selles in a couple more years.

  3. @NCMTB no way, at least for me. I spent my bucks on the Titanico. The days before they changed the recommended max. weight of riders on their saddles. Even so, I just bring 69…71kg to the scale. This is far below the saddle’s limits. But riding this poor peace of leather for my 15.000…20.000km/year means spending at least one new saddle per year?! This does not look like a worthy product to me. The comfort was fine – until I would like to have ’em stopped to wear. But it didn’t. So since then I ride Gilles Berthoud. I tried Brooks, but their frames are to short for my needs. And they are way to heavy too.

    So I don’t mind if they came up with a new “X” but I don’t want to try them anymore. They just pissed of a lot of other consumers as well. Especially with changing the load limits afterwards.

    My experience with Selle An-Atomica:


    (sorry but I’m blogging mostly in German as my readers are familar with)

  4. Gilhooley, I was thinking the same thing. Usually Bike Rumor has a link to a manufacturer’s website, so while I was copy and pasting Rivet Cycleworks into Google, I thought perhaps Selle Anatomica had changed their site to Rivet.

  5. @carl Leather comes from animals, so leather saddles can’t be vegan. It’s not like plastic would be a pollutant or anything. Why even ask?!

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