2014 SRAM Red 22 11-speed road bike component group rendering with hydraulic rim brakes

Hiding in plain sight after a few good Google searches, two Bikerumor readers found some pretty interesting bits on the upcoming SRAM Red 22 11-speed group and hydraulic brakes. The rendering above was found on another blog. Given the age of the renderings for the entire group, they could very well be different from the real deal when it formally debuts in a few days, but they are quite good looking.

Based on the images, we can tell the parts’ edges get sharpened a bit. Other than the obviously new hydraulic rim brakes, which SRAM admitted were in development way back in February 2012 and have been spotted periodically since, the crankset looks the most interesting. This is pure speculation (and a bit of wishful thinking), but considering you can barely see the inner chainring, perhaps they’re looking at a one-piece double chainring a la Cannondale’s Spider Rings. That would certainly be one way to continue to drive down total group weights, something they like to do. Thanks to Cyma for sending this one in!

For something that should make all frame builders and shop folk very happy, check out the news for the hydraulic brakes below…

Rockshox Connectamajig hydraulic hose connector for Reverb and SRAM Red hydraulic disc brakes

On Rockshox’s website, the description of the new Connectamajig hydraulic hose quick disconnect coupling goes beyond it’s announced use for the Reverb Stealth, saying:

“The Connectamajig is the coupling hose that makes setting up your SRAM road hydraulic brake systems easy, fast and convenient. The intimidation of hydraulics is gone with a push and a twist, its just that easy. You can route your brake housing internally, and it works for SRAM’s RED 22 and S-700 hydro systems.”

That latter bit suggests there’s more than one hydraulic road brake system coming. SRAM’s S-Series components comprise everything from aero bar-end shifters and brakes to ‘cross rim brakes and other stuff that’s more in the price conscious realm. Read into that what you will. We’ll be at the official launch on in a few days and all will be revealed on April 15! Thanks to Erik for sending this tip in!


  1. Erik on

    No problem Tyler. I still want to know if I can retrofit that to my current stealth post. Can you ask that question during the launch of the new Sram products. Thanks.

  2. heatwave23 on

    Hey SRAM…. spend your time working on hydraulic shifting…. hydraulic brakes on a road bike has less of a benefit in my opinion… I hydraulic shifting would offer improvements over cable actuated shifting and would be much more durable electronic…. I personally do not want rely on batteries to control the mechanical functions of my bike.

  3. Jon MacKinnon on

    This was posted on VeloNews a few days ago…

    Red 22 groupset (new 11-speed)
    Shift levers: Red 22 DoubleTap Yaw 2×11 shifters
    Front derailleur: Red 22 Yaw Braze on
    Rear derailleur: Red 22 Exact Actuation with ceramic bearings
    Crank: Red 22 Exogram 53/39 GXP and BB-30 versions with ceramic bearings
    Crank: Red 22 Exogram 50/34 GXP and BB-30 versions with ceramic bearings
    Crank: Red 22 Exogram Power Meter 53/39 GXP and BB-30 versions with ceramic bearings
    Crank: Red 22 Exogram Power Meter 50/34 GXP and BB-30 versions with ceramic bearings
    Chain: PC-1190R Hollow Pin Power Chain with Power-lock
    Cassette: XG-1190 with Stealth Damper Rings 11/25t, 11/26t, 11/28t versions
    Brakes: Red Aero Link carbon and aluminum brake pad versions
    Shift levers: Red 22 HRD Hydraulic Road Disc shifter/brake 2 x 11 – rotors separate
    Shift levers: Red 22 HRR Hydraulic Road Rim shifter/brake 2 x 11carbon and aluminum brake pad versions
    Shift levers: R2C Yaw 2 x 11 shifters – new ergonomic shape

    Force 22 groupset (new 11-speed)
    Shift levers: Force 22 DoubleTap Yaw 2×11 shifters
    Front derailleur: Force 22 Yaw Braze on
    Rear derailleur: Force 22 Exact Actuation
    Crank: Force 22 carbon 53/39 GXP and BB-30 versions
    Crank: Force 22 carbon 50/34 GXP and BB-30 versions
    Chain: PC-1170 Hollow Pin Power Chain with Power-lock
    Cassette: PG-1170 11/26t version (others to follow)
    Brakes: Force dual pivot, carbon and aluminum brake pad versions

    Avid disc brake options
    DB1: New Budget-Level Hydraulic disc brake
    DB3: New Entry-Level performance Hydraulic disc brake
    BB7 Road SL: New Finish, Titanium Hardware (already available)
    BB7S: New Black anodized Finish, Stainless Hardware
    BB7S: Road New Black anodized Finish, Stainless Hardware

    Other new products, not in the Force or Red lines
    S-902/952 cranksets GXP and BB-30 versions: New chainrings and new graphics, yaw compatible
    Shift lever: SL700 HRD Hydraulic Road Disc shifter/brake 2 x 10-speed

  4. the dude on

    1/2 the people on here probably are running shimano. the other 1/2 don’t have the bike or cash to afford this group. go ride.

  5. Dale on

    This (deleted) I just bought the “new” red group and power meter. Time to ebay that sh!t and move to a group that can make its damn mind up on 11 sp and electric. Hydraulic is of zero interest. Are they going to do a new group every year?

  6. Wojtek G on

    I love the idea of Connectamajig, but considering performance of SRAM/Avid hydrauli systems so far, I’m so much afraid of its reliability. Let’s hope they’ve learnt their lesson!

  7. Dale on

    Vectorbug – I hear ya man, and I’m used to selling stuff off quick. But I litereally have installed the new Red Quarq last night, and the rest of the entire group is installed and not even ridden. Tis is on my race bike. I still have “old” red on my winter/rain bike.

    The old red group was their top teir group for like 4 years without a change. Why would anyone commit to a Sram Red group that will be changing completely every year? LAME. I spent a lot of time trying to decide on a new group, what a waste. Already looking forward to Shimano 9070 though, this dumb news has sealed it.

  8. endurobob on

    I see either servos or hydraulic hose ports on those derailleurs. There’s no barrel adjuster on the RD either.

    My guess is the small ring on the crank has more to do with SRAM saying how this is going to be 22 useable gears, or 22 gears all with different gear inches.

  9. Dale on

    Sram should provide a new 11 notch ratchet for the 2013 Red rear shifter. That would allow a retrofit to 11sp mechanical without any big purchases or switch to hydraulic.

    Come on Sram, I tried to be loyal!

  10. Zeb on

    Hydraulic is stupid. Anything that makes road bikes uglier, and doesn’t significantly improve performance, is a downgrade.

  11. heatwave23 on

    Dale… It really sounds like you just want the latest and greatest and if that is the case just get used to opening you pocket book. Does the 2013 Red do everything SRAM said it would when you purchased it? If so why are you so mad? Do you REALLY need/want the 11 speed? If so why didn’t you go with shimano/campy in the 1st place as they were already offering it. Secondly if you are this obsessed with having the latest, next time do a little research and in regards to when that company typically releases new models and purchases soon as it is released. Making the assumption that a company will not change a product line in x amount of time is your own fault.

  12. Dale on

    Heat wave, you are very clever! Of course I want the latest dipsh!t. Anyone who does not admit that is a bold liar.

    I also expect a “latest” group to last more than a year. And LIKE I SAID, the last iteration of Red was the same for at least 3 or 4 years. I think every 2 years is the minimum a group should survive at the top tier.

    Instead of focusing on my individual motives, recognize that this is a business change that effects everyone, who bought that interim group and I think it is a lame move. They should have waited until 11 speed was ready until launching anything new instead of releasing a fake new group to buy more time. Try and tell me that’s not what they did here…

  13. Ripnshread on

    That is an electronic group. Based on the date this was probably a spec sheet sent to PM’s at the major brands for their high end 2014 spring intros.

  14. heatwave23 on

    I think you are mistaken, not all of are sheep that follow whatever comes out. Some of actually look at what a product has to offer before we decide if we want it.

    Case in point

    I have the 2012 SRAM red group set and looked at what the 2013 group had to offer and concluded that I do not need it…. Because believe it or not I am quite happy with the front shifting of the 2012 Red and I run a PG1070 cassette that is fixes the noise issue.

    Result = I do not need the 2013 Red

    I am looking at what this set has to offer and again at this point I have determined that I do not need or want hydraulic brakes or a extra cog.

  15. g on


    ‘I also expect a “latest” group to last more than a year.’ – I’m pretty sure that the Red group that you have will last for more than a year of use. If you bought a top end group so that you could ride it hard, then you have no problem. It’s not like it suddenly became obsolete becasue something new came out. It’ll perform just as well as the day you bought it. And no, not everyone who claims to not need the absolute latest and greatest is a ‘bold liar’. I like nice things and I like riding nice bikes, but some of us have not associated our own self worth with the status of our latest sunday fred road bike purchase, or deluded ourselves into thinking that it makes a difference on the road whether our bikes are rocking generation 33 or generation 34 drivetrains.

  16. 22speedisoldnews on

    what about they made a group that had a working front mech from the beginning? the 2013 groups is a mere “facelift” I personally don´t like the shifters at all, but it does work very well. I myself use Campa, but for now there is one king and it´s the new Dura-ace di2 groupset it´s just so slick that it´s absurd…

  17. Dale on

    Ding bats, stop trying to sound like righteous cycling purists, noone cares. The pros and sponsored ams I know are the biggest gear whores on earth.

    The reason I want the latest and greatest is not based on how long it lasts. The fact is that the 2012 is not 11 speed, but it was marketed as the “New” srtam Red. Now there is another “New” Sram Red. If you have been cycling more than 2 years, you would know that groups typically have a longer shelf life.

  18. CXisfun on

    Man, after having warranty issues on 6 different sets of Avid brakes that wouldn’t hold their bleed over the last two years, I made the switch to Shimano and never looked back. Honestly, after going into my shop about a dozen times for brake bleeds, I bought the pro Avid kit for myself and actually got quite good at it at home. Of course, when the bladder leaks, and the calipers go to shit what good does a really good bleed do for you?

    It’s one thing for your braking performance to fade during a MTB ride, but descending on my road bike I wouldn’t trust myself to Avid brakes.

    Best of luck to those who give these a shot! I’ll be ready with cash in hand when Di2/hydro comes out.

  19. Dave on

    heatwave23 – It’s not the consumer that pays the price for these component manufactures changing things so quickly, its the bike shops and frame manufactures. New 2013 bikes are just hitting the floor and shops have to discount as soon as they arrive because you will get plenty of consumers that want a deal and if they do not get it will wait a couple of months for the new parts. Specialized and Trek are already giving rebates on the 2013 Ultegra bikes because Shimano is pushing 11spd this summer with the Ultegra group. Every other bike company that had SRAM RED bikes last year was forced to discount because SRAM unveiled the new SRAM RED mid season and customers used that as leverage and these same customers will do it again with SRAM 22.

  20. g on

    @Dale- Hey Dingbat- if you’ve been cycling for more than two years, you might realize that a group’s shelf life does not expire just because the manufacturer releases something newer and bettererer.

    Righteous Cycling Purist

  21. heatwave23 on

    Hey Dave, That sounds like a legitimate issue that I did not think about and I can only hope that the SRAM offers similar rebates to the bike dealers to make things right but I would imagine most customers will welcome the discounted 2013 Red…. Now if that was dales complain… I just bought this group that is only a year old and now it has dropped in price… I would understand that complaint.

  22. Alex on

    I don’t think this will affect dealers as much as you may expect. At our shop, I sell 10 road bikes with sora, apex, 105, or even rival and another 20-30 hybrids and mtbs before selling one bike with a top-tier groupset. The average customer of ours isn’t so concerned with having the newest of the new bikes, especially since we very often custom order very special bikes like something with S-works and Di-2 written on it. Shimano is certainly “pushing” but that’s their job. I’ve been gabbing to my fellow mechanics about Shimano’s new 11-speed but that hasn’t pulled any of them off of their respective campy or sram bandwagons. Most of our customers want reliable performance and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, so we stock more bikes in that range. Top tier groups can often serve as archetypes for performance in more affordable groups, but the average guy we work with doesn’t care as much about 2013 vs 2014 RED as he cares about the benefits of 105 vs Tiagra on a bike that costs 1K.

  23. Rasek on

    Does anyone else think the derailleurs look to have a port for a hydraulic line?Except for the clamping nut on the rear derailleur image, there appears to be no rendition of cable guides.

  24. Dale on

    G – my original post in this thread was on topic. Now it’s been twisted away feom the point I was trying to make so that you can sound wise. Good job. You’re a grand wizard of frugal cycling and so proud of it.

    It still doesn’t change the fact that Sram put out a top tier group that lasted less rhan a year as the top tier group. That does make a difference to some. Had I known this was coming, i would have waited. There are many more who share my view on all the usual forums…

  25. chuck on

    @ Dale – “Had I known this was coming, i would have waited.”

    Not to be a d*ck or anything, but just wait, something better is always coming!

    I wonder what SRAM will call this group? New New Red? Will that make the current Red, Old New Red? I’m confused.

  26. Damon on

    i believe both the derailleurs have hydraulic cable housings! I’m not too sure hydraulic shifting is the best way to go.

  27. K11 on

    @Dale- evolution in bicycle gear has never been greater than in the past couple years. Sram is advancing with or without you.

    SRAM- excited, been waiting for this hydro set up. Ignore the complainers

  28. Jack on

    Pointless. A lot of mess for very little (if any) improvement. Just because you CAN do something does not mean you should. File under fool and his money.

  29. a on

    you are all being needlessly hard on Dale.
    He is clearly angry because had he waited 6 months he could have gotten a handsome discount on that red group.
    I think this quick semi update is a bad move on SRAM’s part, it degrades the brand, hurts shops, and pisses off costumers who bought there product. luckily im still on 9-speed.

  30. bin judgin on

    clearly this is available in stores already. (deleted).

    shimano made di2, then changed formats and no one complained. that stuff is ancient history now.

  31. Dale on

    Haha it doesn’t bother me, I just want to make sure my point was clear. I actually like comments sections like this and anonymity because people will say what they honestly think. I have bought a ton of Sram stuff for my road bikes, my mountain bikes, my wife’s bikes… I have been buying and racing bikes since I started racing BMX in 1977. Sram deserves to hear my feedback in the raw. And I am not fazed by any comments regarding my purchasing style and preference. :p

    Companies need to hear that from everyone, not just some tools who think they represent the most intelligent bike industry consumer. Or from some industry butt lickers who want to pat the backs of manufacturers in hopes of free product. Who needs that watered down mentality? I actually saw someone on here the other day practically begging – “Ohh gee, let’s use facebook commnets so noone says anything naughty”. Translates to – “Let’s use facebook comments so everyone can see how much of a narcissistic brown nose I am.” Yay.

    Manufacturers and shops need to hear the real deal form all types of consumers! Letting them stay anonymous here and for people to say what they feel is awesome. Go bikerumor!

  32. Mark on

    The shifters surely don’t need that much room for just one fluid reservior. Maybe that ugly bump provides room for a brake and shifter reservior. My guess is that it’s 100% hydraulic.

  33. Anders on

    Mark, maby the extra space going electronic is used for the battery and to get rid of those external boxes etc.? That could be the next evolution in electronic shifting.

  34. Mark on

    Yep Anders, could be. What ever the space is for I think there is far too much just for a brake reservoir. In any case I hope it’s as simple and uncomplicated as possible.

  35. Jorge M. on

    I guess we will know soon enough what the real deal with SRAM “22” is all about.

    I hope SRAM kept some backwards compatibility with their latest Red stuff, maybe you won’t need a new crankset, maybe the rear mech will work. That would piss people off a little bit less.

    Other thing to consider is that SRAM was forced to wait for Shimano 11 to come out first, they pretty much own this industry and Sram has to play it smart if they want to keep their 11 speed stuff compatible with Shimano’s 11, like the soon to be good old days of 10 speed mixed shimano-sram drivetrains.

    I’m much more interested in what they will offer with Force 22 to be honest, I’m curious if they will keep the look of the older 2010-11 red or make it closer to Red 2013.


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