Spotted: Prototype Turner Carbon Short Travel 29er

In our Go Carbon or Go Home story, we asked a handful of smaller manufacturers if it was possible to stay relevant in today’s industry without a carbon bike. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s well worth a read as we got some great responses from Niner, Foes, Transition, Intense, Pivot, Moots, and Turner. While Turner said they would continue to create extremely high quality, alloy, made in the US frames, they did mention that they had made the decision to pursue carbon fiber. At the time of our story, Turner said they didn’t even know what kind of bike they were planning to build out of the new material but they did know it wouldn’t replace anything in the line stating, “We’re going to place the carbon bikes in our line where we feel they’re most advantageous to the type of rider they’re aimed at. We’re going to look at those people who are hyper conscious about saving every gram they can.”

Now, roughly 9 months later this carbon prototype has been popping up around the web. Jump past the break for another photo and more details.

UPDATES: We’ve heard from one person in the industry it’ll be called the Czar. And that fork on the top pic is a SID, which maxes out at 100mm for the 29ers, so it’s a good bet this is 100mm travel. Looks like the Rockshox SID will also be getting the black anodized stanchions along with the new Pike forks!

Spotted: Prototype Turner Carbon Short Travel 29er

Supposedly, this carbon proto covered in a coat of orange was spotted being ridden by Dave Turner himself out at some local trails in California. Speculation is all we have for now, but by the looks of it, it is a 29er similar to the Sultan platform. However, while the Sultan has 125mm of travel, this looks like it may have a little less, maybe 100mm? Since the Sultan is considered a 29 trail bike, offering a 29 XC/Race bike would keep in line of Turner telling us the carbon model wouldn’t replace any alloy versions.

More when we have it.

Thanks to Dean for the tip.



  1. Bike looks great and can’t wait to read a review on it. Not sure if I like the black anodized stanchions…..reminds me of a very cheap crappy fork I started with, but that is not relevant….maybe looks better in real life than on a photo.

  2. Is that how the new Sid will look like?
    Great to know! It’s always good to know how the things you’d want to stay away from look like.

  3. if that bike is made in USA, 100% sure will be my next bike!!!!!!!!!!!! but if they go overseas like the big brands no way….

  4. Mr Dave Turner rode that orange czar on Saturday to a 9th place finish in the Counting Coup.
    Pretty good ride by him.

  5. Too late nothing special at first look . Only reason to make somthing new is to do somthing that others did not do . Let see the wieght …

  6. @Dude – It’s made in Taiwan.
    @Ron – To the best of my knowledge, the Czar and the Mach 429 Carbon are the only 100mm travel DW Link 29ers.

  7. I agree with Ron. What is unique about this bike? Made in USA? Weight? Price? I guess only time will tell but so far not very impressed.

  8. Nothing climbs like a Turner. I don’t care if that thing is made in China or Taiwan, if Dave put his name on it and if it gets released it will be weapon.

  9. Everyone knows that Turners have a unique ride and a lot of folks say the their application of the DW link is the best. They also say that the frames are built super strong, but heavy on the scales but don’t feel heavy on the trails. Thats the attraction of a carbon frame from Turner, its got all the good stuff that we like + it’s going to be lighter than their aluminium offerings. Is it going to be lighter than the competition? I doubt it, but it is all about the ride….this is where it will take the lead… (notwithstanding, I’m a super excited fanboy)…

  10. I’ve been riding the bike pictured for over three months and its noise free, Turner pivots are solid! And it is a weapon!!

  11. The only person I know that runs double brake on the right is Glen from a local shop in Palm Springs called vello bum. He runs this because one of his arms has a prosthetic so he basically rides one handed. He shreds hard too even with one hand.

  12. in a carbon factory with carbonbots churning away at little carbon tables, sitting on little carbon chairs. Bike looks very nice. I’d bet it’s a quality product, and based on my previous experience i’d expect excellent customer service if needed.

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