First up, Paragon Machine Works has just brought in titanium tubing for builders, giving them easy access to the lightweight alloy when ordering frame parts. We’ll pause while all the custom bike builders dance a little jig.

For builders and riders alike, PMW has just announced their new Poly Drop dropouts, which mimic the look of their existing Low Mount dropout piece but add replaceable sections to run various post mount brakes, axles and provide the frame break for belt driven bikes.

The system consists of two frame pieces per side, an upper and lower that are welded or otherwise made part of the seatstay and chainstay respectively, plus a bolt-on dropout. The frame kits are available in titanium or stainless steel, and they nest into each other at the joint for a clean look that can be spread enough to slide a Gates Belt Drive into the rear triangle. The Poly Drop dropout then bolts into both pieces to close the system and provide a solid structure. There are about ten options now, including 135×10 and 12×142 axles, 160mm post mount brakes, direct mount or standard derailleur hangers. Up to 3o more are on deck. Video and another photo after the break…



The silver bits shown here are what become part of the frame. The black parts are bolted on, letting riders order up new parts as they change axles or derailleurs. It’s an easy way to future proof your bike, and PMW’s programmer says he expects more 140mm post mount brake options and other road-oriented features to start coming around as disc brakes become more prevalent with skinny tires.


  1. John Caletti on

    Another innovative, quality product from Paragon. I had the pleasure of visiting their machine shop recently for their 30th anniversary party. 30years of making top quality frame parts for all us builders and riders! Thanks Paragon.

  2. ben on

    I hate to say it Steve M, but the carbon craze is never gonna fade, especially with road bikes. I love me some titanium, but until titanium, aluminum, or steel are able to be molded into the same shapes carbon fiber is, it’s gonna be here to stay. Just had to comment cause I’m tired of people complaining about carbon fiber. It’s an awesome material and takes a lot of skill to create a good carbon product, no less than metal. Regardless, awesome new product from one of my favorite companies.


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