Lightweight Rennbugel carbon fiber handlebar

The new Lightweight Rennbügel handlebar joins the recent carbon water bottle cage and accompanying bidon in their expanding, non-wheel lineup.

The Rennbügel has a nicely shaped drop but maintains the classic round tube profile, mixing old style with newer ergonomics. They say it’s stiff enough to point you where you want to go but built to damp vibrations. Hi-mod UD carbon fiber construction puts the claimed weight at just 168g for the 42cm width.

More pics and sizing/options below…

Lightweight Rennbugel carbon fiber handlebar

Weight: 168g (420mm)
Sizes: 400 / 420 / 440mm (center-center)
Clamp: 31,8mm
Material: HM-Carbon-Fiber
Drop: 136mm
Reach: 79mm
Finish: UD black matte

Lightweight Rennbugel carbon fiber handlebar

Lightweight Rennbugel carbon fiber handlebar

Lightweight Rennbugel carbon fiber handlebar

Lightweight Rennbugel carbon fiber handlebar


  1. @Mellon:

    It’s $9000 dollars and if you want to run disc brakes you need the “Derbickünriidenschtoppenmiitdiscenbrakend” option for another $350.

  2. I won’t be buying these, but why should THM have the gram weenie component niche to itself?

    And face it, any of you with the scratch for a 10 pound build would want it for that vacation in the Alps. Easier climbs just mean you can do more.

  3. @Aaron

    Funny, I was just thinking it’s a terrible, unergonomic round bend. Give me a bar that’s actually shaped like my hands any day.

  4. Is it a one to one ratio for weight limit? 168g bar for a 168lb rider?

    Will Cancellara be riding one in Paris Roubaix next year?

  5. So, do the bars come with the Porsche that’s on the page you guys linked to? Good God, do you do any proofreading or editing before posting?

  6. Can I mount my iPad to it so I can see how slow I am going? I’d also like to be able to do researchs on the iPad about other ridiculously lightweight components. After all, i am 220 pounds, and i need expensive lightweight components. Is the iPad mount possible?

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