Scott Spark PKi2

When it came time to build up his race bike for the upcoming season, Julian DaSilva wanted something unique. As the service manager at Alex’s Bicycle Pro Shop in Coral Springs, FL, working with various electronic systems got him thinking – what if you could run an electronic drivetrain, suspension control, and the Alfine Di2 display, all off of one battery? Julian spoke with Fox and Shimano who said it probably couldn’t be done, so naturally he set out to prove them wrong.

The result is an impressive build with complete electronic integration that’s easy on the scale as well. Check it out along with a well done how-to video, next!

Scott Spark PKi2 4

Scott Spark PKi2 7

Wanting full electronic options for his bike, the challenge was to integrate the Shimano Ultegra 6770 components with the Shimano Alfine Di2 display, while using the same battery to power the Fox iCD electronic lockouts. The Alfine display not only displays the battery life, but also the current gear. The K-Edge Ki2 shifter and Alfine display hang on a New Ultimate Evo bar and stem. There is also a Niner YAWYD, but no cap – what’s it gonna be Julian?

Scott Spark PKi2 6 Scott Spark PKi2 2

Julian is running a SRAM XX1 crank and a SRAM 10 speed cassette for a 1×10 drivetrain. The shock was installed with the servo motor towards the back to allow for a bottle cage and bottle in the frame.

Scott Spark PKi2 8

The only battery for the entire system is housed in the New Ultimate EVO seat post. Julian wrapped the Shimano 9070 seat tube battery in foam to hold it in place and prevent rattles.

Scott Spark PKi2 3

Rear derailleur is an Ultegra 6770 unit modified with a K-Edge long cage. All said and done the 2013 Scott Spark 900 RC with Reynolds carbon wheels comes in at 21 pounds without pedals.

Better yet, Julian put together a nice how to video on the bike. Thanks to Julian for sending this in, and nice work!


  1. What a clean cockpit. I just got a Scott Genius 710 w/reverb control and twin-loc control, I don’t have room for my bell!

  2. So Fox and Shimano said it couldn’t be done, but there wasn’t even any hacking involved to get it to work?

    Would be a fun setup to replicate, given the appropriate amount of cash.

  3. Race bike with no chain catcher and no clutch derailleur ? And that fox lockout system looks bad heavy and not superior to mechanical in any way. Lapierre E.I. may be interesting however.

  4. Well done! Bike looks great and wish I had the skill (and cash) to pull something similar. This bike and electronic integration is the future…like it or not.

  5. Great to see Julian and Alex Bicycle´s Shop in a video here, Nice build and clean, but I think that Shimano will fell sad with the XX1 crankset on the full Shimano setup jajaja. Congratulations and waiting to see the ride in Markham Park 😛

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