RockShox Pike 150mm 27.5153

The Pike is finally here. In 2005 I was super excited for the release of the first Pike, though I think I might be more excited for its rebirth. Needing a fork for our Turner Burner project bike, the 150mm 27.5 RockShox Pike seemed like a perfect addition to the bike. Promising to be super light, stiff, and black, we opted for the Dual Position air RCT3 model for the build.

Details including actual weight after the break.

RockShox Pike 150mm 27.5158

 RockShox Pike 150mm 27.5159 RockShox Pike 150mm 27.5156

The 35mm chassis of the Pike uses an asymmetrical lower and a new crown to offer incredible stiffness to weight. Like most of RockShox’ forks the sag gradients are printed right on the stanchion, and the fork features a nice bolt on brake hose guide.

Pike Fork Adjustments

Pike has plenty of adjustments with external low speed compression, rebound, Open-Pedal-lockout, and this model featuring the dual position air adjust which allows up to 30mm of travel adjustment.

Rock Shox Pike Charger Damper

Pike gets a big performance boost in the damping department with the new Charger damper. Similar to the bladder concept used in the Fox FIT damper, oil is sealed in an extruded rubber bladder that allows for a bled system with zero air. This helps performance by preventing oil cavitation and improves damping consistency as the shock heats up through cycles.

Sram launch Sea Otter041913_0638 Sram launch Sea Otter041913_0636

The extruded rubber sleeve is clamped over a compression tube with ports to allow the oil to expand and contract the bladder. Also new for the Pike is the Rapid Recovery DIG (Digressive tuning) valve. The valve replaces the previous version with an aluminum shaft and offers lower flow rates at lower speeds, though the rate increases as the speed rises. This creates a pedal friendly damping rate at lower speeds and a nice, smooth damping curve on bigger hits.

Sram launch Sea Otter041913_0642

Like the FIT system, the Charger damper is a cartridge based system with the damping oil contained in the cartridge.

Sram launch Sea Otter041913_0649

The new Maxxle Lite comes in at 76g and features an internal cam mechanism along with a smaller package.

Sram launch Sea Otter041913_0648

Adjustments are made to the Maxxle Lite by pushing the axle into the handle and rotating the axle with the lever open to align the numbers to the white line on cam.

Sram launch Sea Otter041913_0651

The Pike is the bruiser in the line up of new 650b compatible RockShox forks including the Revelation and SID.

Rock Shox Pike 150 650b weight

4.32 lbs (1959g). That’s for a 150mm travel, burly 27.5″ wheel suspension fork with dual position air, an uncut steerer, and the new Maxxle Lite. Pretty impressive.

We’re waiting on a headset for out Turner Burner Project 650b, and this fork will provide the squish to the front of what’s turning out to be an amazing bike. Stay tuned.


  1. Sooo many typos! I know it takes extra time and effort, but can’t you have a second person read through the article and make it look professional?

  2. Kark, the 150 mm is approx 153mm axle – crown.
    this fork is insane. i have one on my 27 and on my 29. there is no noticing the 15mm QR so haters can go hate something else.
    Adjustments to the clocking of the QR lever must be made with the lever in the OPEN position.
    There is no mention made of the “travel tokens”. they are not applicable to the DPA version of the fork. SOLO Air versions come with a threaded orange puck that can be used to ramp up the end of travel for all you hard hittin’ playa’s.

  3. I came off a Fox Float 34 and I am now on a Pike dual position air. The Pike is the nicest fork I have ever ridden without a doubt. Get one!

  4. @Dan-

    Your name should be capitalized and please put a question mark at the end of your sentence sense you’re asking a question.


  5. Never got the 15mm TA thing. Why not just stay with 20mm? It’s all about making new standards. Sorry if I am stating or even repeating the obvious.

  6. Zach – can I get some color on how you got a black, 150mm, Dual Position Air?

    Had 2 shops talk to RS about that fork because its exactly what i want and best I could get back from RS was buy the SA version now and a dual air spring (+$190) in the fall when available and then swap it out 🙁

    Without the pics I would of said it was a unicorn of forks 🙂

    When do we get to see the rest of the build?

    • @Shane, Ha, I just happened to be at the right place, right time I suppose. Had no idea it was so hard to come by – I picked it up while I was at SRAM’s STU facility for the Red 22 Clinic.
      Just waiting on the headset now, and it will be posted very soon. Token is providing the headset, which will mean one more option for the 44mm head tube with tapered fork standard, and one that you can buy in one piece (not top and bottom separately).

  7. Nice. Right place/right time. Does this mean we get a Red 22 vs DA-9000 shootout ;)? Looking to upgrade my Cervelo from Gen 1 RED and looking at both. Any strong opinions?

  8. Really interested in this, especially reliability of rockshox dual position! Plus the murdered out look is mint – shame you cant buy it 🙁

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