At this point we all knew it was coming, but now it’s official. SRAM Xo1 is here. We wouldn’t call it cheap, but it does offer all of the awesome benefits of XX1 at a more attainable price. All of the goodies are there – 11 speed, trigger shifter, Grip Shifter, new crankset, cassette, and a new chain. The group sees a few changes in materials and design to keep the price lower, but the end result is the same – precise shifting through a wide range cassette without dropping your chain.

Ditch the front derailleur after the break. Updated.

SRAM_MTB_X01_Shifter_Black_md SRAM_MTB_X01_Grip_Shift_Red_md

Catering to both fans of triggers and Grip Shift, new 11 speed shifters for X01 will be offered in each variety. For the trigger shifter, the body receives an aluminum cover rather than XX1’s carbon cover, yet still manages to drop a few grams with claimed weight at 91g compared to the 105g claimed for XX1. The Grip shift on the other hand gains about 50 grams going from 95g to 143g for X01.

NEW X01 Trigger Shifter

  • SRAM 1X™ X-ACTUATION™ for precise and dependable 11-speed performance
  • Zero Loss Engagement for fastest shifting
  • Multi-adjustable trigger shifter
  • MatchMaker X compatible
  • Aluminum cover and adjustable forged aluminum pull lever
  • Includes discrete clamp
  • Colors: Red and Black
  • Weight: 91g
  • Technologies: X-ACTUATION™, ZERO LOSS, MatchMaker X Integrated

NEW X01 Grip Shift

  • SRAM 1X™ X-ACTUATION™ for precise and dependable 11-speed performance
  • SPEED METAL™ shift indexing
  • ROLLING THUNDER™ ball bearing technology
  • JAWS™ lock-on grip technology
  • Aluminum cover
  • Includes lock-on grips
  • Colors: Red and Black
  • Weight: 143g (clamps, cable and JAWS™ lock-on grip



The cranksets, like the shifters and derailleurs, will be offered in either red or black colorways. The biggest change to the cranks is a different spider which means there is no longer a 28t chainring option. The X01 crank uses carbon arms with a forged aluminum spider, which means the aluminum 1X cranks we spotted previously must be the X1 crankset. “New patented X-SYNC™ tooth profile provides maximum chain control,” could have implications for other chainring companies making wide-narrow rings, we’ll have to see what happens there.

NEW X01 Crankset

  • New patented X-SYNC™ tooth profile provides maximum chain control
  • Chainring guard option
  • CNC- X-SYNC™ machined rings (30-32-34-36-38)
  • Colors: Red and Black
  • Weight: 655g (with BB)
  • Technologies: BB30, GXP, X-SYNC™
  • Carbon arms with forged aluminum spider
  • New spider design allows for easier ring changes

SRAM_MTB_X01_RD_Carbon_Black_md SRAM_MTB_X01_RD_Alloy_Red_md


The X01 X-Horizon rear derailleur is very similar to the horizontal parallelogram clutched XX1 design, and will be offered either in an aluminum or carbon cage design.

NEW X01 X-HORIZON™ Rear Derailleur

  • Large upper pulley offset automatically adjusts chain gap
  • X-HORIZON™ design reduces shift force and ghost shifting
  • 12-tooth X-SYNC™ pulley wheels
  • Carbon cage
  • Sealed cartridge bearings
  • Colors: Red and Black
  • Weight: 252g



Obviously, the new XG-1195 cassette is black, but it’s not just for looks. The black finish is said to increase durability of the teeth while not adding much to the cost. The cassette is offered in the same 10-42 spread as the XX1 cassette and still uses the XD freehub driver, and weighs a claimed 275g.


There is also a new 1x specific chain that eliminates the cutouts of the ch-1050 XX1 chain above and uses a new Hard Chrome finish for increased durability and stretch resistance. The chain is not specific to X01, but a new addition to the 1×11 compatible chain family.

NEW XG-1195 Cassette

  • Unique finish for high durability
  • 11-speeds (10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42)
  • XD™ Driver Body creates more stable hub connection
  • Optimized Gear steps across entire range
  • Weight: 275g
  • Technologies: X-DOME™, XD™ DRIVER BODY

PC-XX1 Chain

  • New 1X™ specific chain
  • HARD CHROME™ technology for maximum strength and wear resistance
  • Proprietary link finish provides improved life span
  • 11-speed power lock
  • Technologies: X-SYNC™, HARD CHROME™

SRAM X01 Pricing

Now for what you really want to know – how much is it? We did a quick comparison based on QBP’s suggested retail price for XX1 and the X01 numbers above with a trigger shifter, GXP crank with 30t chainring group, and going with X01 will save you $128, with the group retailing for $1247 and XX1 at $1375.

X01 component groups should be available mid-September.


The X01 crankset uses a 94 BCD instead of the XX1’s 74 BCD. According to SRAM, the 74 is far more expensive to make which is the reason for the change on X01. Due to the larger BCD a 28t ring is not possible. The X01 BB30 crank will include a chainring just like the XX1 BB30 crank, while the GXP versions of each do not include a ring – so no difference there. Finally, the X1 aluminum crank is an OEM option only.



  1. The price point is disappointing… I wonder how the weights compare for the entire group. More durable cassette and chain sound like a plus though.

  2. You know what the kids really like these days? Speed metal. And Sharks.. Sharks are super popular. We should try to tap into that somehow.

    • @Michael, the chainring isn’t included on XX1 GXP cranks either. The chainring is included on the BB30 XX1 cranks (not clear if it will be included on X01 BB30 as well), but then you are forced into buying a 32T chainring. The whole point of not including the chainring is so you can fine tune your drivetrain to your surrounding trails.

  3. The answer is don’t pay retail. OEM price will be way cheaper. Just buy the bike complete, like a bikesdirect bike, and sell the frame. You just have to wait for next model year. When Sram Red came out some websites offered build kits for way less w/o the packaging (Colorado Cyclist iirc): that’s another option.

  4. Huge disappointment. Where’s the X9 version for the rest of us (the 99%)? I would have liked to have seen a 1×10 version that uses a normal hub and cost less than half as much. I’m gonna just stick to single speed…

  5. These are virtually the same as XX1, so it makes sense that the pricing is virtually the same.

    The real price break will come with X91, or whatever they call it. Hopefully, they won’t make the cheaper cassette a brick. That’s the one pricey part that’s preventing the most people from buying XX1.

    • @Eddy, it appears so. We are checking with SRAM on the specifics and will update as soon as they get back to us.

  6. not a big enough gap to XX1 at those prices, at $1,095 it would sell like a mofo. I have XX1, i would not trade it for anything, i would just buy it again for the extra $128 even on a training bike.

  7. $128!? That’s it? Who is shelling out $1200 for a groupo that can’t swing another $130? Why would ANYONE buy this at that pricepoint?

    I’ll wait for the Shimano equivalent anyway!

  8. This is XX1 with new graphics. I bet we see a “new and improved” XX1 and an even higher price point in a few months.

  9. The use of a new driver in order to put a 10t on the xx1 cassettes is retarded. They should have stayed with the 11t and kept the cassette non-proprietary. 1 tooth makes very little difference outside of SRAM’s pockets. Whe I see a standard 11 seed cassetee in a mtb gearing I might consider this 1×11 crap. Until then, 1×9 and 1×10 work just fine. In fact SS is all the better!

  10. I only need one gear and this crank looks to fit the bill since it appears (though not stated) it offers the 104 Bolt diameter standard – much like the rest of the world.

  11. Yea, the price point is indeed disappointing.

    Here is my formula for proper pricing: (X + $1) – X, where X is the MSRP.

    If the price point disappoints you, that’s why they make X-7 and X-5 and X-3, and so on, you cheap bastards.

  12. The only reason I was looking forward to this groupset was a cheaper cassette. It was the only price I was really unhappy with looking at XX1. SRAM failed to really bring 1×11 to a wider audience with a cassette that’s still $400.

  13. Matty B, the difference between an 11t and a 10t is over 9%, it’s a pretty sizeable jump. It is larger than the jump between an 11t and 12t cog — or at the other end of the spectrum, it is larger than the jump between a 32t and a 36t cog.

    In terms of making the whole thing work without having the cassette weigh a ridiculous amount (especially as they trickled it down) they had to go to 10t — I would put money that they wanted to go to 9t but they ran into too many (longevity most likely) engineering hurdles.

    I own an XX cassette which I paid significantly less than retail for — $250 or so I could stomach for this, $400 is a bridge too far. The only way you would ever see me buy this $400 cassette was if it was a 7 tooth main billet body with the 2 steel cogs at one end were replaceable and had 2 alloy granny cogs at the other end that were replaceable or something like that. In my experience most of my cassette wear happens on the ends, if I could reasonably expect 4-5k miles (double what I get now) out of a cassette I might spend that kind of money. Otherwise, the dang thing is a wear item … like brake pads…

    Agree with what the others have said, the price didn’t come down enough — and the 28t seemed to me like a great option for some things that I ride, so eliminating that is a probable deal killer for me too for this x0 group, unless a 48t cassette gets introduced later. No doubt they will save that for the 12 speed group though… 9t-48t cassette with 12 cogs will be the thing to have in 2015, no doubt.

    @Zach, the XX1 cranks did come with a 32t chainring initially, it looks to me like they have partially/mostly phased that out and none of the 1x cranks will come with a chainring in the future — any XX1 cranks with chainrings folks are seeing for sale is just product that is still in the channel — I think, anyway.

  14. 1×11 is for the elite, not for the penny pinchers that always seem to comment on this site.

    All of you crybabies that can’t handle an expensive cassette, come back in a year or 2 for the x9 equivalent – but that will probably cost too much for you also.

  15. Whatevers…. everyone has a budget, no matter if they’re spending $1k or $10k. I really expected the XO1 to be perhaps 20 to 25% less than the X1 group.

    Someone mentioned the X1 group will probably improve somewhat and go up in cost. Seems plausible.

  16. I think the quality and complexity of X01 well deserves the price, but I’d agree that it being so close in function, weight, and price of XX1 is just poor tier-ing of product families. I think that a less-machined 300+g, UNcoated cassette, dropping the carbon cage option on the RD, and not doing whatever they did to that shifter to make it 91g!? would have been a great $1,050 or so gruppo. Save the craxy-light shifter and cassette coating for the next XX1.

  17. more info on “New patented X-SYNC™ tooth profile” please. That has me very worried. My WolfTooth ring is the best investment I’ve made to my bike since… a long time. It has to be my favourite upgrade of the last decade I’d say. Please tell me SRAM isn’t going to try and shut them down.

  18. if there has ever been a more disappointed product launch where a company completely missed the mark on pricing – its X01. $128 price difference? What a joke. Who would ever buy X01 over XX1?

  19. Most of the people that comment on this site get industry discounts anyway so who cares.

    I have no use for XX1, being that I run a 1×10 setup with all 11t cogs.

  20. SRAM’s 1×11 drivetrain requires a change in how you think about drivetrain wear.

    In the past cassettes wore out, you replaced them with the chain. You’d do this three times before changing the chainrings as well…and jockey wheels as well in there somewhere.

    The cassette has bigger cogs meaning less wear, and the production method makes them longer wearing. Due to a single ring chainline is improved and side forces aren’t wearing the cassette. The XX1 cassette lasts a long time.

    Compare to a 2×10 XT. I used to use two sets of rings, four cassettes and four chains in a year. On XX1 I used two rings, one cassette and four chains this year. The cost of wearable parts in the drivetrain is a wash as far as I’m concerned. I am therefore paying nothing for a lighter, more reliable and easier to use/maintain system.

  21. Raceface has some 104 BCD compatible “narrow-wide” chainrings that got a solid review from They were even able to squeeze in a 30tooth version somehow plus the chainrings are compatible with 9 and 10 speed drivetrains.

    Put it together with a shadow plus/ type 2 der. and the only thing you’d be missing is a 42 cog in the rear. Similar performance w/o the need for high wear expensive parts ie cassette and chain. Sounds like a winner to me.

  22. Hey, Stamps, doesn’t everyone get SixC’s to run with XX1 anyway, so the X01’s BCD restriction should be a moot point, and people can have X01 with a 28T ring, right?

  23. @Greear
    The stated reason they didn’t go down to 9t on the cassette is that the angle the chain has to follow between teeth is too great. This makes the cog seem nonagonal, rather than circular, which, they said, caused problems with suspension frames.

  24. @greg

    Nice! I got a good laugh from that…maybe we could convince Shimano to dub their inevitable response to ‘wide-narrowas ‘ the ‘Shark’s Tooth’ configuration! Even better, we’ll get them to call it the ‘Sharknado’ configuration, because then it would involve you taking-off the perfectly functioning kit your bike is currently wearing (i.e; the ‘Tara Reid’ reference) to put on a chain/ring/cassette combo that has the biting tenacity of a white pointer (i.e; the shark bit) so that you can howl through your local trails with the unrelenting nature of a force ten gale (i.e; the tornado bit). I guess it would have be a deore-or-below level groupset though to keep the whole ‘b-grade’ aspect of the pun….

  25. Waiting for X91. Complainers- this is the nature of the game. It takes some time for stuff to trickle down. Riding 2×10 in the meantime won’t kill anybody. Yes, 128 bucks is not much.

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